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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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It's a great great day for Hot Wheels Calgary! The daily race, I figured out how to get around the age restrictions issue and if you didn't hear me hooting and hollering last night...

Hot Wheels Calgary has hit the 1000 subscriber mark!!! WHOOHOO!

Thank you all who have supported the channel and have been an encouragement to me! 

And now, today's race!

A little late in the day but better late than never..

More cars are in the mail for the Birdco 1000 including 2 packages en route from Australia!!

If you're interested in participating, email me at and I'll get you the information!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe and warm!

Happy Monday! There's that white four letter word on the ground in Calgary and there's more great racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Be watching the channel for a new Birdco 1000 update.. more cars being entered and more on the way! If you'd like to enter, email me at and I will send you the information you need!

Have a great day and stay safe everyone!

It's Two for Tuesday! Double the points in the Points Run!

Also we added 6 more cars to the lineup for the Birdco 1000.. and more are coming! I hope you have yours on the way!! The Birdco 1000 live stream mail in event! Winner takes all pinks race! Live on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel Jan.1/20201!! 2nd place gets a 50 pack of Hot Wheels courtesy of KCLH Racing and 3K Mania Racing!

Email me at and I'll send you all the info!

But for now, here's today's race!

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