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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great, but safe and warm weekend! Don't forget that today is the deadline to have your Birdco 1000 cars to Nick Deavers (if that's the way you have chosen to send). If you have cars in the mail to him(or me) and haven't heard that it has arrived, please email me at and I will either let you know it has arrived or not. You can also email me to get information on how to get in on the Birdco 1000 Pinks Race! But for now, here's today's race!

I'm up bright and early... well... I'm sure it will become bright when the sun comes up.. anyway, I hope everyone has a great week! Don't forget, time is ticking away to get your car in for the Birdco 1000! Email me at to get all the information! Lots of slots left! Winner takes all!! 2nd place gets a 50 pack of Hot Wheels and 3rd gets a 20 pack of Hot Wheels! But before you start emailing, here's today's race!

My brain has been other places the last few days, so today for you will be Three Times Thursday! Yep.. 3 races today!

A pile of cars are in the mail as we speak for the Birdco 1000 mail in event! Be watching Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel for updates as we go! Still lots of spots open, and lots of people donating money to sponsor the buy in cars, so if you're outside of Alberta and want to get involved in the event, email me at and we'll see what can be done to get you in! But for now, here's a pile of racing!




With the way today's race went, you'd almost think that today was Friday the

A pile more cars have been added to the Birdco 1000 ! Currently of the 128 slots, there is only 53 left open! If today is anything like yesterday, they just might fill up fast!
Email me at and find out how you can get a car entered! You don't even need to mail it!

For now though, have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe and warm!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Let's get this week started right with some diecast racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

BTW, the slots are filling up quick for the Birdco 1000 mail in Pinks race! Email me at for the information while you still can!

It's Two for Tuesday! WHOOHOO! Double the points in the points run!

Entries are pouring in for the Birdco 1000 mail in pinks race happening January 1 live on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Just over 40 slots are left of the 128, so if you would like to get in, email me at and I'll get you the info!

But first, you better watch today's race!

It's another great day of "who knows what will happen " racing at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!
As well, more cars are coming in for the Birdco 1000 mail in pinks race! Still spots open! Email me at to get more info!

Yay! It's Friday! I for one am ready for the weekend! I'm gonna need the rest before next week when a pile of cars show up for the Birdco 1000! There's still time for you to get get in on it! Email me at for the info!
Have a great weekend!

Another great week of racing starts right now on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube Channel!

Don't forget.. time is running out to get entered in the Birdco 1000! Email me at for more info!

It's been a long week.. video release problems, stressful days.. but it's done and it's Friday!!

I have extended the deadline for entries for the Birdco 1000 to December 21 so you still have time to enter. Currently there's 29 spots left and 29 Buy In Cars remaining(fancy that)! If you would like to enter, email me at and we'll get you setup.

And now, here's today's race!

It's another great week of racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! And I think it's going to be even better with the change that was made.. I think the track runs smoother and faster now!

And don't forget to email me at to get the info for the Birdco 1000 Mail In Pinks Race! Still some spots open... and you don't even have to mail a car to enter! Who does that work? Email me and find out!

But for now,here's today's race! Have a great day everyone!

Yeah.. I know i didn't get the races posted here most of last week... sorry about that... was a busy crazy week..but hopefully this week will work better!

Don't forget.. there's still time to get you entry on for the Birdco 1000.. still spots open and still buy in cars! Email me at and let's get you entered!

But first, here's today's race!

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