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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Will Silhouette II continue to dominate? Why not subscribe and find out before anyone else?

Good Morning,afternoon,or evening...depending where you are... Have a great weekend everyone! And don't forget..2 more sleeps until Father's Day!!

Hope you're all enjoying the Fathers Day weekend! I know I am.. I get to go do more Hot Wheels racing! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for one of the most epic races ever caught on camera on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Have a great day everyone!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! There's nothing like an EPIC Hot Wheels Race on an EPIC Day like this! If you miss this race, you're missing probably one of the most amazing races ever caught on camera on Hot Wheels Calgary!

Have a great Lord's Day!

Gooooooood morning, Hot Wheelers and diecast junkies of the world! Have a great day everyone!

There's nothing like starting a Friday Hot Wheels race with a new start gate setup! Have a great weekend,my fellow Hot Wheelers!

Just how long will Silhouette II continue its reign as Track Master? It's gotta end somewhere...or does it?

What a day yesterday! Be watching Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel on July 1st to find out what happened! In the meantime, here's yesterday's and today's races! Have a great week everyone!

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