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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Happy Terrific Tuesday! Not only some racing this morning, but also some pictures from the car show this past weekend! Be sure to check out the Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel this Sunday! sure to wear your's going to be NITRO!

I'm just going to leave this here...

It's a Hot Wheeling Wednesday! Don't forget to tune in on July 1st for a Hot Wheels race like you have never seen before! It's going to be NITRO!

It's Thursday!One day closer to the awesome-est Hot Wheels race featured on Hot Wheels Calgary...EVER! In the meantime, here's today's race to be your "burn out" in preparation for July 1st! Have a great day everyone!

Happy Happy Friday! The channel has gone up 8 subscribers in 48 hours...230 subscribers!!! Are you one of them? If so, thank you for supporting Hot Wheels Calgary! And if not...why not? As a subscriber you will get notified about the races and other videos hours before they get posted here! Including the upcoming special presentation this Sunday that you DON'T WANT TO MISS! Have an awesome day everyone!

All right boys and girls! Happy Canada Day!!! Are you in for a special treat! Not only do you get some Hot Wheels racing, but you also get a tribute run to this great great country we live in.....PLUS...yeah...there's also get to see the special presentation we put together! If you live Top Fuel Drag better watch this!!! It's AWESOME! Happy Canada Day Everyone!

Happy Monday! It's a holiday here in Canada(how did I wind up working then?lol). I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's special presentation...what's that? "What special presentation?" Just so you all get a chance to check out the ultimate in Top Fuel Drag racing, I'm including it in today's post as well. Have a great day everyone! And if you're in Canada, enjoy the extra day off...wish I

It's Back to Work Tuesday in Canada! Here's some racing to ease the Have a great day!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!IT'S INDEPENDENCE DAY! Let's go free some cars from the slavery of the evil blister
Have a great great day, all of my American friends and family! (pssst....just so ya know,I'm from the great state of Ohio)

It's Thoroughbred Thursday! I'd like to invite you to come subscribe and join us in the points run! We're having a TON of fun! Why not come join us? Have a blessed day!

IT'S FFFRIDAY!!!! Have an awesometastic weekend everyone!

If you're out camping this weekend, you'll love today's race! Have a great weekend!

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