Hot Wheels World Race

Monday, August 17th, 2015
cliffordshaw Wednesday, 4/15/2015

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A week of diverse racing challenges with a different event each day complete with great video. Tracks include: 

1) a monster 50-foot driveway drag on blutrack

2) a traditional drag race in the 20-25 foot range

3) a funnel race that begins as 4 tracks, funnels to 2 and then to 1.  Crashes are possible in the funnel!

4) Open track race with sizzler fat tracks and curves - real passing!

5) Open track drag on sizzler fat tracks - blocking is legal!

Specs are going to be broad to encourage creativity.  With only one or two cars and so many distinct tracks, racers will have to make some guesses on a winning formula.  Hopefully this will bring out a variety of individual track winners and a lot of potential series winners in the final event. Stocks and mods are allowed to maximize participation and (respectful) smack talk.  New and veteran racers welcome for this raceapalooza!  

Rules & Restrictions

  • 60g Weight maximum
  • Size restrictions:  length 3.25 inches, orange track width
  • 1 or 2 Cars per entrant
  • Any brand, body style, year, make/model (doesn't have to be Hot Wheels, we'll just be using that cartoon series as a video theme)
  • All Wheel types allowed
  • Stock cars allowed
  • Modified cars allowed
  • Dry lubes only


TBD. We'll put together a prize pack.  Feel free to add to the pot when you send your car. 

How to enter

Post a reply.

Please include return shipping fee of $5.00 if you want your car back  (all returns will be via priority flat rate box)

Where to send your cars

Cooper Siebers 

385 Cherry Brook Rd.

Canton, CT 06019

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 08/15/2015

Scoring and Winning

McJiggles will create the scoring system.


Disqualification for 4g over weight or for design that interferes with other cars on track

Tracks & Dates

All Races will be run at one location.  One each day for the week.  

Winners and Results

World Race 2015 Winner: Traction Event

Video replays and highlights from each stage


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redlinederby 4/16/15
Site manager

This is like an olympics...neat idea. Guess we have all summer to figure out how to build a super car :)

IN!   Been waiting for this at Cherry Brook rd....

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model40fan 4/16/15

Yup, put me in coach... that rascal Jiggie has had 2 years to think about his entry, hope he has detailed tail lights... i'll probably get the chance to see 'em...

 Of the 5, When is the elimination race going to happen... I see casualties at every "merge", maybe the crash race should be last...

  As cars are eliminated, the pack becomes closer in speed, the final 4 is going to be nasty...

 Wonder if any Mad Max Modds will show for this one ?

  • Good idea smitty, "contact" races will run last — cliffordshaw
  • Only the strongest will survive — JDC442

The confident racers will run open wheels... (Insert evil sounding laugh here)

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Mcjiggles9 6/26/15

Hello Racers,

I am back and ready for some tense racing action. The Hot Wheels World Race event is inspired by a childhood hotwheels series that I loved growing up. Five teams of drivers race along dangerous environments for a prize of 5 million dollars and a to be claimed the best driver in the world. 

In the Hot Wheels World Race pure speed is not the only deciding factor in winning. Drivers must be able to handle intense curves, loops and jumps as well. This series will be intense and will reveal the best overall car. 

The races will vary from 2 simple drag races, 1 funnel drag race, and two open track races. (No loops or jumps) 

Im fired up about this event. Trust me, you guys are not going to want to miss out on this event!

Im still working on some last minute details. First I need to know how many of you are planning on participating. If you are please post a message. 

Thanks guys, and I'll be on here frequently with updates. Many to come


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2seven 6/27/15

Please, add 2seven to the mix and great concept

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KandORacing 6/27/15

We're in.

Just to be clear, the prize is 5 million dollars right?

I'll send something cause this is interesting even though generally I'm opposed to fte allowed races.

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JDC442 6/27/15

Mcjiggles and cliffordshaw race?  I've gotta get in on this one too!

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Diecast64 6/27/15

Count me in for this one!

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Mcjiggles9 6/27/15

So the currently we have,













as participants, we're looking for as many as we can get! Tell your friends!!!

  • Don't forget FOTF! So the idea is one car for the entire series, right? — FOTF
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iswingping 6/28/15

I'm in too, please.

Sounds awesome.

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