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Hot Wheels World Race

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JDC442 9/14/15

That was one EXCITING Event to witness -a lot of edge of your seat stuff over a span of I think four weeks by the time it was all said and done.  Thanks for all the hard work and attention to detail in the overall race presentation/performance cliffordshaw and Mcjiggles -I'm very impressed over here ;)  You guys are nothing short of AWESOME!  Weber Cabin Racing Rules!

As for the results, I have to admit that funnel track took the wind right out of my sails.  The Caddy was just not the right car for this event -too long/too fast/too top heavy???  To win this pentathlon took a car that was suited for all tracks and that excelled in ALL areas as Traction's modded F40 certainly did -way to build the perfect car to dominate this event Chris!

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delta6 9/15/15

Yes, tons of fun!

Got my cars back super quick.

Hat's of to the host & the winners!

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redlinederby 9/15/15
Site manager

Couple of things...first, HOLY CRAP, awesome videos! I know they've been praised for the past several weeks but these were not only enjoyable to watch but set the bar high for all future events. Thanks for the push!

Secondly...congrats to Traction Event! Another win in a huge event just keeps his legend growing. And heck, I even entered one of his own mods in the race and still lost. He's so competitive that he even won't let himself win!

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