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House Cup

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Rusty_Rod 8/24/21

Got 2 on the way:-)

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Hartbeat 9/3/21

I would like to enter The House Cup.  What's your say on using Brit Speed castings? This will be my first Red Line Derby event.  I can enter as many cars as I want correct?  $5ea. and return shipping?

Only 2 weeks till the submission deadline!

Be sure to head over to my facebook page for the silent auction!

You should have recieved my two entries.  Tracking number shows it delivered.  FYI.


Tex-Tenn Racing

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Sam_Haul 9/17/21

Team DRT3K heading out today.

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Spirit_Of_64 9/21/21

I shared this pic on the FB page, but what I forgot to mention is that I wrangled an international all-star crew to drive these.  So besides Scooter in the Morris Minor, we've got Racen Jacen from Tune Trax in Thailand in the Aston, V-Man from Norm And Vern Racing in Canada in the green McLaren, Matthew Harding from WCDC Racing in New Zealand in the red MGB GT, and Rob Allen from Wallside DRT in the blue Cockney Cab II!

My lone Gryffindor pursued by the Slytherin Army:

I'm most excited to see how the Vauxhall Astra and the Morgan Plus 8 do.

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Coopdevil 9/21/21

Ah, I've messed up here! I have a TR6 and an Esprit on the shelf for this event but failed to notice the passage of time and now they won't get across the pond in time :( A lot of real life got in the way unfortunately.


  • oh no! be sure to check out my facebook page for cars that are available to sponsor! — IndianaDiecastRacing

These cars are up for "auction" on my facebook page!

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pupulesurfer 9/25/21

They started out over 50g already and I didn't even notice! Spent a few months figuring out how to shave weight and think I got it dialed in properly. All under 49g!

The DB5s of 5-0-Tree racing are on their way Monday!

My Jaguar Squad is ready to rumble in the House Cup!

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