Is it a lap or a race?

AP3_Diecast Thursday, 5/2/2024

Just wondering what some of your thoughts are in an open track scenario where you run cars four+ times down the hill.  What do you call one time down, a "Lap" or a "Race" and why?  Feel free to get technical or as philosophical as you like.


Just my opinion......I call it a "heat"......but it isn't actually the perfect definition of what a heat is.

  • Hadn't thought of that, but not a bad option. — AP3_Diecast

For me depends on the race and scoring format.

For my Nascarnage series, where you finish each race/lap becomes your start position for the next one, so that I treat as laps. For standard rotate start positions, I tend to go with race.

  • I've thought of it this way too, position rotation is more in line with a race, where as a lap would maintain position on the next one. — AP3_Diecast

I am on my First hosting but Never though about it. I do say Laps in my mind, the full four laps equal one Race as the top two advance. one on one is best of 5 and a four car Race is done with Scoring points for total after four races two top advance. Hence a Race.

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JBlotner42 5/3/24

I would have to say that time trials are generally done as laps, Head to head races Or 4 way races would generally be considered heats as the overall competition would be considered the race. Just my thoughts.

I normally call it a race, when racing on my private track. I don't know why, I've just always called it a race lol

I race 4 cars 4 LAPS that equals one heat. The hole video is one race. That's just how I say it. It's kinda like saying I will have a pop. Some say I will have a soda. Lol

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