Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID

WorpeX Monday, 2/3/2020

The Jaguar i-Pace eTrophy ID has now officially been crowned the fastest car on my track. It beat out 512 Other Cars to get that crown.

So, a little about the casting. This is a brand new casting released in late 2019. It was designed specifically for Hotwheels ID. Track racing is a priority for these cars and i'm wondering if they put some extra time in this particular one to be a beast in drag racing. The car FLIES on my track! To top it all off, its got gorgeous spectraflame paint!

Anway, this car is an Amazon Exclusive. Has anyone had a chance to buy one of these and give it a try? I'm dying to know if they are all this fast or if mine is some freak of diecast racing!


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redlinederby 2/3/20
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Interesting...I don't think I realized it was an ID car until you mentioned it, but I too wonder if they've upped the quality a bit because of the price point. Jaded me thinks they don't care and just use the same cheap mass process and slap on the RFID chip, but maybe there is some extra care put into these things that means straighter plastic, rounder wheels, and whatever else...hmmm...

Wonder if we can find out if they're nickel axles?

  • I'm thinking no on Nikel Plated Axels simply because the released cars are very inconsistent as far as speeds go. The Viper, AMG-GT and Obviously the Jaguar are fast for me but the rest are average or slow. — WorpeX
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Mattman213 2/3/20

I just bought one using your link.  What the heck, it beat out my GMS Stocker in your shootout, now Ill see if yours is just a freak or if its a legit quick casting!


  • Oh no, now you'll find something to beat it for the Rumble. I should never have posted that link! — WorpeX
  • HA! Ill be interested to see if it beats out all my stockers like yours did and then if so, hows it hold up to my mods. I have a danged Shadowjet that whoops just about every single stock casting I have and quite a few of my mods as well. I know Im on to something if I can put together a modded car that can beat that thing. Would be cool to see how the Ipace stacks up — Mattman213
  • Oh and I already have one car that will likely not be very competative for the Rumble but when I saw it I had to snag it for that purpose. I do like the idea of taking one of these DUD GMS Stockers I have in the garbage pile and trying to beat the Ipace with it tho. We shall see, they are a fickle casting Im finding out. Ive modded two of them and they are slower than the one I sent you by a long shot so it may be a waste of time. — Mattman213

I just bought three. I will let you know what I find out.

  • Would love to see it race against your rookie rally truck! — WorpeX
  • We'll do another rookie race in the spring/summer — redlinederby
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Mattman213 2/5/20

Just got mine.  It doesnt appear to be anything special and might have one wonky wheel.  Only way to find out is to put it on the track!  I love how if you look at Stats on the inside flap, speed is way way down compared to the others I have...yet yours is a smoker!  Ill see how it goes this evening if I can but Im starting to think you have a freak.


  • Interesting, could be a dud too if there is a wonky wheel. I will say though, that the wheels on mine didn't make it seem like it was going to smoke everything. They spin well and are smooth enough but they're nothing like the chevy stocker and some FTEs - whose wheels are quiet and spin forever. — WorpeX
  • Thats actually promising that this thing might be ok. Im gonna get it out and see and if I have to do very very light sanding to get rid of one of the casting imperfections I will and see where it stacks up! — Mattman213
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MDG_Racing 2/5/20

Addressing the nickle plated axles. I believe Voxxer racing said they weren't nickel plated. He drilled one a few months back. 

I have only found the two on card. Haven't opened either to know personally.

  • Im looking at one on my desk as we speak and its got mainline dull axles for sure! — Mattman213
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Mattman213 2/10/20

Had the chance to break out my Ipace and see what its made of.  Out of the package it doesnt look like it would be all that great.  Mine also had some casting flash left on a couple of the wheels making alot of noise and vibration going down the track.  I gave it a couple runs to try and break it in some and then pulled out the Gatekeeper to my fastest stocker list, the Copper/Brown 308 GTB.

I give every car two chances to beat the 308 in the left lane (sometimes slower lane than the right) and the Ipace looked sluggish first race out getting beat by a car length or so.  I kinda rolled my eyes and thought, well, so much for that!  Race two went completely different tho and the Ipace put a car or two on the 308 to my surprise!!!

At this point I decided enough was enough with it ROARING down the track so I lightly sanded the wheels with some 2000 grit paper to ever so slightly knock down the high spots and then started racing it against the rest of the list to see how far it could climb.  Sucker kept getting quicker and quicker as the night went on and eventually it mets its match and couldnt climb any further despite giving it a couple extra chances to do so...

...YEP, all the way to 2nd place.  The white Shadow Jet wasnt having any of it and firmly fought off the newcomer race after race, even switching lanes.  Now, this list doesnt include any Mods, GHO, GMS, FTE cars, F40's etc because I keep them seperate BUT for mainlines these are the quickest I have and the top of the list is quick enough to beat up even some of my Modded cars so its saying alot for the Ipace to make it that high. 

Just for Worpex, I ran the GMS Stocker that I kept and ran it agains the Ipace and it beat it consistently, but really close.  It runs back and forth with the #1 Shadow Jet and would likely be #1 if I ever decide to add it to the List container.  I also have a GHO Fairmont that would likely whoop em all but its staying in the GHO container for now.


  • Aweseome. I love the image of all your fastest cars. Interesting, it doesn't really look much different from my top stockers! — WorpeX
  • The list was waaaaay different at the middle and bottom when my track was just a straight free fall from the starting gate to the flat. Now with a gradual online the heavier cars started moving up the list but oddly enough the top dog didn't care either way, it beats em all on both setups. — Mattman213

Sorry for the late reply, but life is going to be hectic for a while for me. Anyways, I purchased three of these and of those only had one good one. The other two had a at least one bad wheel... might do an FTE swap on them later.

I raced a lot of unmodified, non nickel plated axel cars and the Jaguar I-Pace came out on top. For fun I raced it against the F-150 I entered in the rookie rally. They were neck and neck for every single race, but the F-150 just barely eeked ahed every time. I must have raced them close to ten times. Now, this information comes with a grain of salt because after watching the video LOS put out about wheel farming, I found that the F-150 has a wobbly wheel or two. The other top competitor non-nickel cars the Jaguar beat out were a Buick Stocker, Way 2 Fast, Blown Camaro and a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

  • seems like IDs have an issue with bum wheels, i've had a few myself. Glad one of you Jags was a good one though, seems like this casting is a winner! — WorpeX
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GhostDriver 11/10/20

Well my Jaguar I-pace was the fastest ID car that had, but it was beaten handily by the '15 Dodge Charger SRT police car. These are pretty fast for ID cars. It keeps up with some of my fast cars that are twice its weight. We should to get a 'Hot Wheels id' tournament going. I would love to see that.

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