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Kevblokey Wednesday, 5/6/2020

You will know, if you follow my YT channel ( www.youtube.com/c/MyHotWheelsCollection ) that I have been running my own KOTH tournaments and more besides for some time now. Looking at the KOTH set up I currently use, this is a combination of the 6 lane raceway (I only use the centre four lanes) and orange track pieces to give 21' of track (a scale quarter of a mile, near enough). Now the thing I find is the need to set the track up and dismantle it each time, take over the lounge and the dining room and the need to be constantly getting on my hands & knees to reset the track, collect cars etc.is, if I'm being blunt, a pain in the ass, so a better, more permanent, solution was needed, After some negotiation, I gained permission from SWMBO to erect a shelf along the wall of the garage that will allow me to have a permanent set up that will eliminate all the problems outlined above, the only downside is I only have a maximum of 16' to play with. I will do away with the six lane raceway as this take up 8' of what's available, instead opting for a 3' high ramp that drops over 5' before entering the flat run to the finish gate, total track length will be about 15.5 feet. So I'll lose some of my length, but I honestly think, the plusses to doing this will outweigh this one downside.

I'll post some pictures here when construction gets under way (this coming weekend).




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ghenty 5/6/20

Sounds awesome mate!

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TuxMcBea 5/6/20

It is definitely the way forward KB. All the above mentioned points are what usually stop me running races, it is just too much hassle.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Same here. That's why I ended up witht the Canyon how it is, because I had one small wall available on my shed, and that space is all mine, so I could make something permanent. It's only about 2.8m long so too short for a decent drag track, plus I like the fat track racing for some randomness (and obviously chaos) as well.

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madmax 5/6/20


LOL when I read that.  Good for you that you got permission. Your style of track will definitely benefit from the change.  Looking forward to it.

oh, and your link above doesn't work, or it didn't for me.

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Kevblokey 5/9/20

Brackets up, will do the rest either tomorrow or Monday, but it's a start...

  • Looking forward to watching this take shape! — EcuWeeEcosse
  • So far so good...I was very happy with my own shelf track, held up and performed better than I had hoped. — redlinederby
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TuxMcBea 5/10/20

Looking good, but I can't help noticing there isn't much in the way of sloping! lol

  • All that will be revealed my young padawan — Kevblokey
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Kevblokey 5/10/20

Some real progress today (excuse the mess, wipe your feet on the way out!) the woodwork is now complete, in essence, just need to lay track, test out, sorted!


  • Loving it — LeagueofSpeed
  • Looks like you have about 6 inches more than me down the side of your garage. In essence, bugger all room! — TuxMcBea
  • Looking great! I did a similar shelf track setup in my place. It's held up very well over the years and is plenty fun to watch things rip down. — redlinederby
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Kevblokey 5/11/20

Track down first thing this morning and test cars seem to have enjoyed it, more testing to calibrate the lanes, aluminium beading along the edge needs fixing into place, some bracing needs to be fitted to the sides of the ramp, a catch box needs knocking up, but, essentially, it's complete. Oh and all the detritus needs clearing off...

It's a panoramic shot to get it all in, the track isn't that bendy in real life!

  • What are you planning for the end past the finish line to catch the cars. A fall off that end bump will probably put heavier cars out of commission — BlueLineRacing
  • I have since put in a catch box that has a rice filled bag in it — Kevblokey

Cheers KB!

A new challenge, interesting, looking good mate!

Marc D

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Kevblokey 5/15/20

Some footage of the track in action...



  • Looks good man. Having a permanent track is so much fun, and easier than having to continuously setup and break down — Chaos_Canyon
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Kevblokey 5/18/20

Aluminium angle now fixed in place along both sides of the run out to keep the lanes straight & true.

Happy with how it's all gone so far.


  • Look at flash bloke with his aluminium angles! I had to make do with wooden blocks. lol Looking mighty fine KB, you planning on any landscaping? — TuxMcBea
  • No Pete, I may get round to carpeting it, but that’ll probably be about it — Kevblokey
  • Well, great to see it up and running with your rod race you did! Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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