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LeagueofSpeed Wednesday, 3/6/2019

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Going to get the landing ramp for the Fat Track section done first...I'll be permanently attaching the flimsy plastic ramp to the 1x8...stoked to be underway.


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The loops will be secured to the track deck for racing and removed for storage.

  • This is going to be a cool Build!! — Rusty

Going to get a bigger piece of this packing foam...cut it to fit under the landing ramp...the 1x8 alone under the landing ramp would cause to much recoil...this should provide a softer landing and better success rate for the cars 

The scorpions are getting ready...

Ready to spectate.

Going to be a lot of fun!!!

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WorpeX 4/26/19

Aw shoot, I completely forgot to mail my cars out! Oh well, will definitely be watching...

The Fat Track section aka the Wastelands will have a track channel.

Got the ramp base and padding cut 

Launch and Landing Ramps 

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Went with a textured sand stone paint for the Wastelands...it looks like sand...may not show up on video...but it's the look I was after and I doubled up the 3/8" square dowel on each side for the track channel...gives me the "ledge" look I wanted.

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Big_Poppy 4/29/19

Very nice! I can't wait to see the finsihsed product.

Big Poppy

Man...what a challenge this build has been...I had to design a brace system for the loop section and redo the Drop from 4' @ 30"  to 6' @ 42". I'm  going to have a new loop system for the next race...see below...but we'll be racing this weekend and shout out to MDG Racing for letting me pick his brain on the redesign.

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