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MCM Mini Truck Madness

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Big_Al 8/24/23

Put Big Al's Custom Diecast on the list!

Is it too late to participate in this? If not, I'd like to enter a Mazda Repu. 

I'd like a spot

Garage: Jonny's Speed Shop

driver: Jon Vista


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FredD 9/5/23

Got room for another?


F'D Racing

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Big_Poppy 9/6/23

I'll send on!

Big Poppy Racing

Driver: Big Poppy   #51

Team - 407DiecastKings

Driver - Jefe

We are in with a Chevy Pickup lets race....

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FredD 9/12/23

Getting ready to send this one in... my '69 Chevy! Came in at 57.4 grams. Still retained the interior and the truck bed! The only thing that belies it has been modified is the raised bed floor! Makes it look like the wheels are tubbed! lol

Kept the stock wheels as that is all I have. Will add a little F'D Racing logo then off she goes!

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Spirit_Of_64 9/26/23

Cinder Foley doesn't fear the REPU, quite the opposite in fact!  She'll be ready to head out later today.

Is there room for one more?

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EnochEl 9/28/23

Can I still get in?

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Fat_Dad 10/2/23

Hi, I'd like to join if there is room/time. 

  • Sure as long as you get your entry here by the deadline. — Papa_Pugsley
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G_ForceRacing 10/18/23

Headin' out soon!

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