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Big_Poppy Wednesday, 3/20/2019

Hi all! I'm Jim Potts. My grandboys call me Big Poppy. Hence, Big Poppy Racing. I'm a retired soldier working as a Facility Manager at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Shelbyville, TN. At 58 years old I was about when Hot Wheels started. Too bad I didn't have the foreknowledge of what they would become. lol

Anyway I wanted to thank you guys for the opportunity to join here and let me assure you that I will participate in every league and race possible, If you have anything starting PLEASE include me. I have over 4,000 Hot Wheels now from 1991 to present. I am planning an Off Road Tournament after the Ragtop Tournament so please if you haven't joined it please do. You will not be dissappointed! Ragtop Reunion Tournament 

Here's an article about me in our small town paper:  Big Poppy Article

See you on the track.

Jim "Big Poppy" Potts


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redlinederby 3/20/19
Site manager

Welcome to the crew, BP! No doubt your experience with the diecast world will help you go far around here. Your collection is impressive and all...but can you pick out fast ones? Hehehe...

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Rusty 3/20/19

Big Poppy Racing,,Great name on the racing!!Sounds like we are the same age...Your going to have some fun here.Great bunch of folks!!!

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LeagueofSpeed 3/22/19
Event coordinator

Welcome Big Poppy...this is a great community and lot's of knowledge to boot about diecast racing...enjoy and feel free to pm me with any concerns or ideas....I'm not to far behind you.

Peace and Speed-League of Speed

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Dadvball 3/24/19

Welcome to RLD!

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