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Dano74 Sunday, 5/5/2024

Out of curiosity, is there an official ramp distance / height needed to host races? Or is that the tracks uniqueness? Also any recommendations on distance or height for a track with turns. I understand there are a lot of variables within each individual track but just looking to see if anyone has any golden rules to share


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JBlotner42 5/5/24

The higher you can start the more turns you can put in. I know with my track personally it starts at 7' and there is an 8' straightaway at a 5 ° down angle before it hits the 1st corner, Which is 180 ° crossover turn That goes into another 8' straight With a 5 ° down angle before the second turn. The greater the down angle the faster the cars will gain speed. You'll want to try to balance that because if they hit the corners too fast they will come out in unexpected ways or even fly straight off of them. Too slow and it won't make it around or will flip over if its got an angel Like most of the crash racer corners do.

The higher you start your track will also allow you to make it longer allowing for longer runs.

The track I host races on, Haywood Valley Raceway, starts about 5 feet up and makes its way to the floor.  It has 1, 90 degree turn and 5, 180 degree turns. 

Lots of trial and errors, tons of errors and cars flying off the track into walls, slamming to the floor. Bent many axels in the process.

No Golden rules just trial and error. I think it's best to determine what kind of cars you plan on racing, whether they will be stock or modified, and if modified, what weights you will allow. Many builders have tuned their track for stock modern main lines that average about 30 to 35 g and found that when they try and run modified cars they either can't be contained because they run too fast or tear the track apart.

  • @Milestone, Is possible to set up a track and tune it to modified or heavier cars 50-60 gram? Reason I ask is once the drag strip is done I want to build road course but wanting to run up to 50-60 gram cars. I would think if it was set for heavier the lighter cars would be ok with a re tune on track a bit? Im still very new to this hobby. — Desert_Rat_Racing
  • Is it possible.. — Desert_Rat_Racing
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Dano74 5/12/24

Thanks for the insight guys. I didn't consider the modified cars. Trial and error it is. I'm exploring alternate track options. 

My Dragway is 17 feet. 4 foot drop on the start hill with about a 50° angle. It all depends on what you want and how much space you have to work with. 

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X2Whiskey 5/12/24

I recently built a drag strip and had also looked to see if there were any standards.  I didn't find any and instead just picked a track I really liked and sent the owner a private message.  They were more than happy to provide specs and anwser any questions I had.

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Chaos_Canyon 5/13/24

For my tracks, I've found in general between a 5degree and 7degree drop works just fine. I have a digital level which makes it easier, but it gives most cars enough pace to get from one end of a straight and through the next corner, even if they start from a standstill at the top of the straight.

  • Same for my track. 5-7 ° down angle depending on how fast you want them to go — JBlotner42
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