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Pickup Pavement Pounders

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FOTF 11/11/13

Cool! I didn't even have a truck, and I still got to race with the Pavement Pounders! Pays to leave a random NASCAR hanging around at somebody's house.
Thanks for running this extra race--and congratulations again to JDC! Stroller, when my trucks get there, will you be able to run them against the others--just for the heck of it? If your track's still up, that is (it takes a bit of work to get ours out and set it up). Also, will my BTBW cars--or our Pickups--be racing at the Silver Cafe?

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Stroller 11/11/13

The BTBW and PPP vehicles will be heading back to their owners before then. I'm at work at the Cafe right now so I don't know if your trucks showed up yet.

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model40fan 11/11/13

the sloppy entrants want to race at the silver café, and find a new home... fast fred wants his truck back... please pm. me with the paypal info and i'll make a return shipping deposit...

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Stroller 11/12/13

Going to start sending BTBW cars and PPP trucks at the end of the week....

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JDC442 11/13/13

Having a difficult time placing 3rd thru 5th for this event.
Here are the four teams that are more or less tied for third (according to how they placed in both events: short and long)
DvB: 4th in short and 6th in long
Rally: 7th in short and 3rd in long
K&O: 6th in short and 4th in long
Half Fast: 5th in short and 5th in long

I thought that looking at each teams two losses might clear things up. Take a look at these results and tell me what you think.

Short Track Losses:
DvB: ~lost to 5th place(Half Fast) by 1/2 cl ~lost to 2nd place(Stroller) by 1/2 cl
Rally: ~lost to 5th place(Half Fast) by 1 cl ~lost to 2nd place(Stroller) by 1 cl
K&O: ~lost to 5th place(Pig) by 1 cl ~lost to 2nd place(Stroller) by 2 cl
Half Fast: ~lost to 3rd place(Clay Feat) by 1 cl ~lost to 2nd place(Stroller) narrow margin

Long Track Losses:
DvB: ~lost to 2nd place(Stroller) by 1 cl ~lost to 3rd place(Rally) by 1 cl
Rally: ~lost to 5th place(Half Fast) by 1/2 cl ~lost to 2nd place(Stroller) by narrow margin
K&O: ~lost to 1st place(JDC) by 1/2 cl ~lost to 3rd place(Rally) by 1/2 cl
Half Fast: ~lost to 1st place(JDC) by 1 cl ~lost to 4th place(K&O) by narrow margin

I'm thinking that Half Fast deserves 3rd place overall, but am not sure about 4th and 5th.
What do you guys think? Any suggestions on another way to sort this out?

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Stroller 11/13/13

Make DvB, Rally and K&O tied for 4th place and next finisher would be 7th place. Or I could do a 3 truck playoff for 4th place, 5th place and sixth place.

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KandORacing 11/13/13

I think the 3 truck playoff could work. I'm just happy with knowing that I won a couple rounds in my first Redline Derby mail-in race though!

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FOTF 11/13/13

You could always do a five-truck playoff when the others arrive... Even if you don't wait, though, a playoff would make things interesting; but you'd probably have to have it on both tracks.

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model40fan 11/13/13

I'm just happy with knowing that I won a couple rounds in my first Redline Derby mail-in race though!


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model40fan 11/17/13


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Stroller 11/19/13

Sending out the first return vehicles both PPP and any prizes.

FOTF I did not open your trucks so they would still be "new" if you want to enter them someplace else.
Team HalfFast
Windswept Racing...............

Let me know if I made any mistakes.

Need addresses for Milton Fox and K & O.....

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FOTF 11/19/13

Thanks, Stroller! They've been raced dozens of times before anyway (that Ford's been racing for nearly two years, I think), but this means less chance of an accident.