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When: Saturday, March 21, 2015

Winners and Results

Congratulations to ccrider, he is the Rip-N-Roll champion. His Cadillac Sixteen FTE fended off the competition of more than 30 opponents. The prize is all the entry cars, way to go!

View the complete bracket and results


It's time to break in the new "official" Redline Derby Racing track...but we're gonna start with something simple. Your basic rip-n-roll tournament. Not modding for this one, just pick any 1:64 car off the pegs at the store and send it in. They will be opened on race day and raced.

This will be a double elimination tournament but this will not be a series. One date only, winner takes all. Race will happen Saturday, March 21 with results posted Sunday.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Any brand, any year, any wheels
  • Car must remain on the card; no modding
  • Cars length max of 3.25" long; width should fit on standard orange track
  • Height 2" max
  • Limit 2 cars per household


Winner gets all the entry cars.

How to enter

Make a post with your intentions and send in your cars. 

Where to send your cars

Send all entries to:
Redline Derby Racing
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Don't forget to print an ID card and include it with your entry

If you care to include something to help offset shipping cost or want to donate a few new cars, it is appreciated, not required.

Entry deadline

Cars must be received by Wednesday, March 18 for racing that weekend.

Scoring and Winning

This is not a series so there are no points. Cars will be given best 2-out-of-3 per match-up with cars alternating lanes. Tournament will be seeded randomly.

Tracks & Dates

This is a double elimination tournament. Single host.

Series tracks
  • 3/21/2015, Ohio - Redline Derby

Entry cars

Entries received as of 3/17/2015








CortezRacing (via AMH-412)


KandORacing / Old_Hen


Keef921 (UK)





I'll post more track specs when I get my track final. As-is, the track length is about 17-feet with a 4-foot hill.

try and get that transfer out to you this week... been too cold !


you can count Hambonewc and I in, likely two cars each! This is a great tourney idea for new members. Thanks!


I'm pretty sure that I can find a couple cars to send in...count me in, Brian!

I'm IN!  Nice to have something simpler to enter while I continue to prepare for the yellow bumper/rookie race.  My kids and I will run out this weekend and pick out our two rip and roll entries.

My God this site is like crack. 

(I assume)

time for a talk with the kids, PIE - 3.14 times the diameter = # of revolutions, less affected by track surface imperfections.
" crack," best compliment ever :)

K & O Racing will jump in on this one.

I'm in, as 2seven already mentioned. 

Wide open entry rules....should bring a interesting mix of cars to the table.


Where's opt1? Matchbox bus...look out racers...

Ssshhhh... you'll give him ideas! :)
Hoping to see a lot of variety
it's to long for these rules but any car from any brand right

Cool! me and my boy are in.  Love the rip n race.  With family, work, church, and life keeping me busy, not a lot of modding going on around my house lately. :)

I hear you on the busy life!

Just so there is an "official" answer to the per the rules, there is a limit of 2 cars per household for this tournament.

Since this is a no-mod tournament with a prize, the limit is pretty fair. There will more of these throughout the year, so everyone will get a chance to win again.

If anyone sends in more than 2 cars, I'll pick 2 at random to be entered. Extras will go into the pot for the winner.

Put me in for 2

Put me in for 2 please.

On their way if all goes as planed. Thank You Bernie's Wheels.

The Butterfinger Chevelle raced by CrzyTrkrDude.

Gold Chevelle raced by CrzyTrkrWife.

( horked photos, actual cars will be on cards)

No problem...I'll keep an eye out
(as of 2-28, check not cashed)
cars shipping on 3-2 from the snowpile beyon' yon Snowpile
USPS says they were delivered. THANK YOU BERNIES WHEELS!!

Updated the rules with a maximum car length of 3.25" - I know it's hard to tell length for a car in a blister but most should be well under that length. Restriction is due to the starting gate I'm using at the time.

Width of your car should be no wider than standard orange track width.

My two shipped out today.  Race On RLD!!!

Received your cars today, thanks!

Count me in!  Not sure exactly what I'll enter yet--I don't have many on hand--but I'll find something online or at a club meeting.

I have two boxed up...they will go out tomorrow! 

Cars are on their way...Tracking #9114 9011 8986 6006 0156 29
Cars received. Good picks

Just bought 2 on E Bay for this one.

I'll see what I have and get some ready

I'm in on this one, just posted two cars today. Hopefully they will arrive in time.

Regards Keith.

eye on the box...

Can I enter two of the same car? I know it doesn't say that you can't anywhere in the rules but I just have to make sure. Thanks

Twins are welcome, no problem :)

So, I am entering the rookie race but this rip and roll comes up first so really this is my first race.  Growing up my father had (still has) a sweet 67 Firebird AND a 34 Ford Hot Rod so I ordered a couple of those.  They arrived in the mail and I was preparing to take a pic and send them out this weekend.  However, last night, I notice my 2 year old is "vroom vrooming" them across the living room floor.  I look at my wife and ask her how they got out of the cases?!?  My 4 year old says, "Oh.  I did that.  I found them on your dresser.  Was I not supposed to open them?"

I'm hoping I'm not the only one to have something like this happen.  

I have ordered two new cars (another 67 Firebird and 34 Ford) and will hide them better upon arrival.  They should go out this weekend.

I can't wait.

Soooooo.... How many we have signed up/ recieved so far. ( just bumping the thread, theres still time to mail them to RLD RACEWAY!!!!). Bring 'em on BUUUUDDEEEEEEEEE!!!!   LOL

I have picked up to 2 entries from the post office so far...haven't checked in a couple days so there's probably a few there waiting for me. I'll post some photos of entries this weekend.

Carded they wouldn't fit on the truck so we had to make other arrangements to get to the post office. 

are they color co-ordinated ?... Zilla seems to like 'em.

The new official RLD track is one big seemless roll from start to finish, right? Just making sure I have right kind of car for the job. 

Yes, the new RLD track is seamless from start to finish, call it 16-feet total length.

Thank you!


    I am sending you 3 carded cars, [not my team], but color co-ordinated for a team...

RED&BLACK  Nissan Silvia FTE...

RED&BLACK Salt flats racer...5 SPK.

RED &BLACK Greased Lightning... 5 SPK.

 please use them to fatten "skinny" teams and to help fill in the brackets ... or to add to the RLD  prize pile... 

 ....... go RLD Racers go !

2 going out today. a 69 GTO with FTE's and a Shelby Concept w/ FTE's

There's already one of those black GTO's out there! :)
ut ohhhhh.... Us Crzy people went old school with some 5 spoke metal on metal Chevelle's....
at least they are heavy... lol
Hope my GTO is faster. lol

3 car parcel headed to grove city this AM...

K & O Racing + Old Hen Racing will each have a car headed out soon.


I have cars for this to send out but I'm awaiting my first Bernies Wheels order 3/12/15. I'm thinking I can pull something from there and send by Friday or Saturday to get to Cbus in time for 3/18. Thoughts? 


Sounds good. I'll do a last PO check on 3/21 so that's the 'true' deadline.

I have something coming to you, I think actually from Florida (I just had it shipped right to the address you listed above, since that'll be cheaper, and at first I thought the event was THIS weekend).  That one is FOTF's; SDR may be sending an identical one out from the home base in CT.

We did the same thing with my Mom's car, sent directly to Brian from the eBay seller
there is a scam buyers use having the item mailed to a different add. ebay honors the listed add. only , some sellers won't play.
You can have multiple addresses on eBay, but only one "main/normal/something like that" address.
Yep, there is the "default address" setting, which is where usually your items are shipped. But, you can choose a different address.

The Marshall Law race team will be sending out some cars in the next day or two.

welcome aboard subz, see you in lane two !


Is it ok to ship my nephews, (Jacob Cortez/Cortez Racing) along with my cars, a couple donor cars to add to the fantasy league, and a monetary donation for RLD to use as needed/wanted all in one priority mail flat rate box. My nephew lives close, he is not in this household, would just like to keep everything in one box.



That's all good. Whatever is convenient, just label everything so I can keep entries straight

With a PO stop today, here's the list of entries that I have received:

  • 72_Chevy_C10
  • Traction Event
  • CrzyTrkrDude

I'll make another check this weekend, expecting quite a few by that point. I'll update again when I pick them up.

Brian, do you have a horse in this race? do you plan on entering the racer ranks?
Wasn't planning on it since so many others are entering.
Come on, you should!
I can't imagine you not entering! you GOT to enter BRO!!

Thanks Brian,

Wanted to make sure before hand. They will ship out today or tomorrow, will make sure all is well labeled.


Our cars have been shipped!

No new pick-ups at the post office today...I'll check back mid-week to check again. If for some reason the mail is just crazy slow, I'll push back the race date a week so allow things to arrive. 

Mine went out on Wednesday.  Kind of hoping they would be there by now..

Rats! I was hoping you'd get my cars today.  The tracking information says they have arrived at the post office and are ready for pick-up.  Tracking # 9505 5110 3847 5062 5905 73

Keep an eye out for them.  Excited for the race!

Thanks for the tracking number. I'll take to the PO with me.

Give us a roll call Brian! lol


  my 2 cars and Hambonewc's 2 cars are sent, with delivery date of 317/15.


I stopped by the PO after work Monday and there was nothing. I'll stop again today (Tuesday)...but at this point something's starting to smell fishy. If there's nothing again today I'll talk to them and see what I can find out. And if the post office dropped the ball on this, we'll move the race out a week.

I'll post an updated receiving list later tonight.

SENT 3 prize cars the 10th.....9114 9999 4431 3038 0744 08 43123  -  from 04210

Sent my two cars out on the 2nd....maybe they are caught up in customs?

I know I am way behind but I am sending mine out today via USP. 2 cars are on their in 1 hour.

cool name. lol
Lol, I have had this handle for many years.

parcels went out to Sussex, Charleston and Arab...

Okay, so I think someone at the post office is a fan because they decided to hoard all the cars. I went in and found my PO Box empty again. Usually they leave a little note in the box letting me know I had boxes waiting. Nothing. So went to the desk and asked...lady came back with a tote full of boxes. She let me take the tote home to carry all the deliveries. The race shall happen as planned this Saturday. I'll make a last PO pick-up on Saturday before the race.

Sorry for all the worry, everyone. I should have asked the front desk sooner but I guess I gave them the benefit of the doubt - this is the first time they've dropped the ball on me. In total I have received 14 entries, plus my own. I updated the first post with a snapshot of all the entries for each racer. Please double check and holler if you see any errors.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to send in cars and double thanks to those that donated extra, I really appreciate the'll benefit all of us in the long run.

And all I can say otherwise is whoever wins is going to get a ton of FTE cars...good luck!!

Ruh Roh, Traction Event has a Hot Tub FTE entered, I have one that HAULS here at home!

you have some solid picks as well,...very solid...
Thanks! Both of those cars usually do well at the LJLRC.

Welp, it's good to see Godzilla can be trusted! Maybe he just destroys little Japanese cars??

naw, he isn't predjudiced , he even pulverized big mike's matchbox wrecker...

I was getting worried.  But that would explain where most of my rice burners disappeared to...

On another note, this is my first time racing and it looks like I made a mistake not ordering some FTE's for this event.  Don't know what I was thinking.  Oh well, even if I finish last it's still going to be fun actually having some horses in the race. 

Hope I can get my entries ready for the rookie race in time.

you never know until race day... glad to have you entered
Yeah, don't count out the 5-spokes...they can be fast!

I see some fast cars in that line-up...well potentially fast anyway! 

Should be a good race to break in that new track!

Good luck to all

Caddy 16, Greased lightning, 300C, JL, MB....oh yeah...

Three questions:

1, has my Van arrived yet?

2, can we do a Fantasy League-type thing with this?

3, will this be videoed?

I agree with 72 Chevy--there are some good-looking racers in that pile!  I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

Three answers :)

1. I don't have it yet but I didn't do a PO run today so it's probably there. I'll do a pick-up Thursday and then again Saturday morning.

2. You talking like Fantasy League picking and points? I guess but I won't be seeding the bracket until Saturday and then I probably won't have time to post the bracket here. But people can probably make predictions for the Final 4 and stuff like that, it would just be here in this thread.

3. Yes, I'm planning on shooting video but I don't know how it will turn out since it's a new track setup. If the footage turns out decent, I'll put something together highlighting the closer match-ups. I really need to buy some decent editing software too...

I forgot to mention in the previous post to thank everyone for including their race ID forms with their entries. Their value can't be understated when trying to organize cars and keep track of who entered what. Thank you!

To respond to the three answers to the three questions:

1--Okay, cool--let me know!

2--Yeah, that sort of thing; I guess it would depend on how many cars there were and how you went about seeding them.  But yeah, maybe see who could get the most points, as well as the win.

3--I am most certainly looking forward to that!  Thanks for hosting this!

Race day is near... Best of luck to all!!!

The rip-n-race races are always never know what car will be fast! Good Luck!
Should be a fun one!

As they sit in their packages, what's your pick for who will win? My pick is 72_Chevy_C10 Chrysler 300


Oh no...The Pressure!! :)

My pick would be CCRIDER'S Caddy 16 FTE...those things are fast

My feeling is NightStalker's Shelby.

Excluding my entries, I call TE's Hot Tub FTE or FOTFs Johnny Lightning '77 Chevy Van, if it gets there on time.

I didn't get the post office yesterday and won't today, so I'll do a last pickup Saturday morning and post any last entries. I'm planning on racing Saturday night but probably won't get time to post results or much until Sunday.


Two more entries arrived today, FOTF's Spider-Man van and SubtleAmuzement's pair. Entry photos added to the top. I'll be working on the bracket here shortly and post it for a preview. I'm planning on racing tonight...gotta do some track prep and we're ready to roll. Good luck!!

Bracket has been created and seeded. Only one bye.

View the bracket here

That bracket will be updated sooner than this post will, so if you want an early look at results (and possibly results as I race), you can do so.

Cool...I like it!

Here are my fantasy picks:

R1 winners (vs. each other--as if round 1 had just been completed):

Keef's Thunderbolt vs. AMH's Tahoe

FOTF's Dodge Van vs. AMH's Alpha Romeo

72 Chevy's Chrysler vs. 2-7's TRK

K&O's Challenger vs. Traction Event's F/C

RLD's Ford GTX vs. 72 Chevy's GTO

CCRider's Cadillac vs. Traction Event's Hot Tub

Old Hen's Mustang vs. Crazy's Butterfinger

RLD's Turbolence vs. CCRider's Mini Cooper


AMH's Tahoe vs. FOTF's Dodge Van

72 Chevy's Chrysler vs. K&O's Challenger

72 Chevy's GTO vs. CCRider's Cadillac

Crazy's Butterfinger vs. CCRider's Cooper


FOTF's Van vs. K&O's Challenger

CCRider's Cadillac vs. Crazy's Butterfinger


FOTF's Van vs. CCRider's Cadillac

From there, the Van's axle will get jammed to the side and CCRider will take the win.

I just can't beleve you have both my cars out in first round. lol
Yeah , sorry about that; I guess I don't have faith in Nightstalker like I do the X-Files, ha-ha-ha.
Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!! LOL
Whoa, you remember Kolchek?
Do you mean Krycek?

Anyone else predicting the brackets?

I saw what looked like rounds for the losers below the main brackets; does that mean this will be double-elimination?

Yep, it's double elimination.
Hm. That might change up my bracket somehow.

I haven't studied the bracket to see if this is possible, but I think the Hot Tub, 300C, the Sixteens and Funny Car will go far. The Mini Cooper an honorable mention.

I have zero experience with JLs so I have no idea if the Spider-Man van will roll well. It's big and heavy so if it rolls, it could be a contender too.

I'm pretty sure it should be... those things are FAST
Does it roll? Dare I ask?

Finally getting ready to roll...1030p, sheesh. Who woulda thought a 3-year-old would want to stay up and play with cars!? 

I'll be snapping photos and putting them up on Instagram if anyone is interested in following as I race

And I'm not sure there will be any video. I have cameras setup and stuff but the lighting in my basement is awful with the yellow walls. Just bad. I'll probably shoot some video just for testing but not sure I'll have anything to produce after the race. Sorry.

Is that back left wheel hitting on the van's wheelwell?

Am I the only one sitting on the edge of my seat here???  LOL

Oh, you rookies! lol
What about rookies? What's wrong with action anticipation?

The pictures are looking good so far!  (Quality and results.)

Round 1 Highlights and Commentary

While big and heavy, the JL Spider-Man van didn't look very impressive against the non-FTE Sixteen, which is surprising. The van still won but it was certainly too narrow of a margin for FOTF's web slinger.

KandORacing's JL Challenger smoked the 2Seven Jaguar. I had money on the Jag but only because I have zero experience with Johnnies...the rest of the field better watch out.

The Hot Tub FTE won as everyone expected but not by as big of a margin as you might think. It was less than a car between the two after each run. On the other had, RedlineDerby's GTX FTE outran the '12 Mustang with ease.

The round ended with ccrider's Mini Cooper FTE narrowly defeating Nightstalker's GTO was back and fourth, no shame there. And much to my dismay, the Turbolence was put in its place by the MR11. It wasn't even close.

Round 2 coming up...

One of those Challengers like mine set the track record at the LJLRC, I figured maybe it would do well
Could be those wheels...they don't look even with each other, and I still wonder if the back one's hitting.
The wheels have clearance in the well but back left has a lot of play

Round 2 Highlights and Commentary

We'll call this the upset round...

Spider-Man keeps swinging but only by a hair. FOTF's van again just barely edged out the opponent, SubtleAmuzement's Arrow Dynamic. For such a small car, that Arrow can really move...but is Marvel's favorite son running out of gas?

I guess that means lightning can strike twice because K&Os JL Challenger once again blew the doors off...taking out the heavy Funny Car. (We might be starting a JL league here sooner than you think, ha!)

I'm officially out as my GTX got beat by C10's GTO but now he has to go up against ccrider's Sixteen as it took out the favored Hot Tub FTE entered by Traction Event. With the Tub and Funny knocked out, so is TE...but not because he didn't pick smart!

The round ended with a true battle between the MR11 and Mini. After seeing the MR11 perform in Round 1, I had my money there but the Mini proved you should never judge a book by its cover.

...don't forget, the bracket results are updated live after each round, and photos are on Instagram throughout the night. The Loser's Bracket will race after the winner's.

Round 3 Highlights and Commentary

And then there were four...

Johnny Lightning continued to make his presence known as the highlight of the round saw that bad ass Challenger blow through C10's Chrysler 300C like a wet tissue. But Johnny lost one too, as the Spider-Man van met his match in AMH's Tahoe.

And once again the Mini Cooper FTE proved its might to out pace the GR1, but now it stares the white Sixteen FTE in the face.

We don't really favor any one brand over another here at Redline Derby, but to say we're not pro-Hot Wheels would probably be a lie. Thus it would be fitting to be put in our place by a Johnny...will it happen? Place your bets as we roll into Round 4...

Round 4 & Semifinals Highlights and Commentary

The narrowness of the Tahoe vs. Challenger race cannot be understated. The Tahoe was strong all night and I thought it had a fighting change but the JL Challenger just kept on rollin'. That was followed up by a win for the Sixteen FTE over the Mighty Mini, another good close race.

The main bracket semifinals was battle of the brands, Hot Wheels vs. Johnny Lightning. The Johnny has been crushing opponents left and right all night long, but the Sixteen had been taking care of business too. The race was back-and-fourth but once the smoke cleared the Sixteen stood strong, sending the Challenger to the loser's bracket...but I have a feeling these two will meet again real soon.

So now the Sixteen waits for the king of the losers...

(There won't be commentary for each of the Loser's rounds, just some overall highlights before the championship match)

Congratulations CCRider, that's a darn good Caddy. Enjoy your winnings, you earned them!


Loser's Bracket Highlights

Seeing how the JL Challenger was waiting at the end of this bracket, watching the rest of the races was great but you couldn't help but feel that they were all racing towards a loss...and they were.

Despite some great matches...even one where AMH's Sixteen tied with HamboneWC's Nova...the bracket pretty much ran out like you would expect. The Funny Car and Hot Tub saw through to the end, actually going head-to-head in an all-TractionEvent showdown. In the end, the Hot Tub returned, swearing vengeance on the purple Challenger but his water must have run cold. The Johnny once again came out on top, giving him a rematch with the Sixteen FTE.


The final race was once again a battle of the brands, a rematch from the main bracket. And while the action was close, the result was the same - the Cadillac Sixteen FTE edged out the JL Challenger by a bumper.

So after almost 3-hours of racing, your Rip-N-Roll champion is ccrider, runner-up KandORacing with TractionEvent pulling in a respectable third.

ccrider will receive all the cars from the tournament...and that's a lot...and a lot of fast ones too boot. I would expect to see some of these cars again in future Redline Derby tournaments.

Congratulations, ccrider and thanks to everyone that entered a car for a chance to win big...but there can only be one.

You can check out the full bracket and I'll throw up some video once I get it edited. It won't look good but it'll be something. Until then, you can see all the photos from the night over on Instagram.

Woohoo! Awesome job on the event. Lots of fun and enjoyed the pics on Instagram.

So that was interesting.  Thanks especially for the narratives.  I didn't get mention in any but I lost all my races...which isn't totally unexpected but still disappointing.  My first entries.  Chosen since I know and have those cars and know how they perform in my modest stable.

Lesson, par is considerably faster than the top end of my collection.

I should have some cars completed this weekend or Monday for the rookie race, hopefully a slightly better result with those.

Congrats ccrider.

WHOO HOO!  Had to be up at 6am for a 5K (walk not run, gotta get in better shape) Sunday but I found myself up past midnight reading results.  Much like Mo in the previous post I was disappointed in my performance but not surprised.  My 67 Firebird managed to win 1 race in the loser's bracket so it's not a total wash. 

Still working at deadline pace to finish my rookie cars.  Goal there is just to finish them and get them in.  I will worry about results when I get better at Mods.

Congrats CCrider!

you will get the little improvements as you ... go ccr go !

Well, at least I picked the winner!

Congratulations, CCRider!  Very good thinking on the Cadillac FTE, apparently--and I should say you ought to have some decent racers in there!

RLD, thank you for hosting, narrating, and photoing this event!  Sorry I wasn't able to make a better showing.  Maybe next time!

Congrats CCR, 

I knew that I didn't stand a chance when I saw that Caddy 16 fte! But my donor cars did better than I thought they would!

Good job with the race, Brian! How do you like the new track?

way 2 go ccr,  spanking those big bad johnnies is a nice win in itself...

with cars  being raced right out of the package, wonder if there is their a weight list ? ...

Mine was a 61g model.
The van must've been 80-something (talk about big). Wait'll he has an UNCARDED race... As for most of them, you could probably get...
...weights from the Fantasy League.

Rip and rolls are always entertaining...congrats to the winner!!!!!!!  CCRIDER. Glad we could break in the RLD home track in style. 

Fantastic commentary and race reporting, we are spoiled. 

Brian, can you post a top 10?

or ummmmm.. Top 20 so I might see my name too?? lol

That was fun! Commentary definitely adds to the experience. Thanks for breaking us rookies in in style! 


I am surprised i did waaayyy better than I thought I would. I think I actually won a race!

Next time, look out!!  LOL

Here's the final standings, as provided to me by the bracket service (whom I trust more than myself). There weren't any points so this is best a clue as we get.

Champion: ccrider - White Cadillac Sixteen

2nd place: KandORacing - '71 JL Challenger

3rd place: TractionEvent - Hot Tub

4th place: TractionEvent - Funny Car

5th place tie:
ccrider - Mini Cooper
AMH-412 - '07 Tahoe

7th place tie:
Nightstalker - '69 GTO
72_Chevy_C10 - Chrysler 300C

9th place tie:
FOTF - '77 JL Dodge Van
72_Chevy_C10 - '69 GTO
HameboneWC - Nova
Nightstalker - Shelby GR-1

13th place tie:
RedlineDerby - Ford GTX1
OldHen - '70 MB Mustang Boss
2Seven - Trim TRK
AMH-412 - Red Cadillac Sixteen

17th place tie:
Keef921 - Thunderbolt
HappyCamper - '67 Firebird 400
SubtleAmuzement - MR11
Keef921 - '67 Mustang Coupe
CrzyTrkrDude - '70 BF Chevelle
CrzyTrkrDude - '70 Chevelle
SubtleAmuzement - Arrow Dynamic
2Seven - Jaguar XJ220

25th place tie:
HameboneWC - Alfa Romeo
HappyCamper - '68 Olds 442
MoHasAFastCar - Shelby Cobra
MoHasAFastCar - Corvette Roadster
CortezRacing - '67 Mustang
RedlineDerby - Turbolence
CortezRacing - '12 Mustang Boss


Looks like the British entries failed this time, still a cool race, thanks for hosting it Brian.

Congratulations Ccrider, looks like you've got some cars coming your way.

Anyone really interested in seeing the (very) raw and limited video I shot from race night? It won't have sound or even any'll just be a few cuts thrown together. Maybe only 30 seconds worth, but if no one is interested, I won't bother.

I'm really bummed at not having decent video. I just didn't have time to research/test my track for lighting and camera angles...those issues didn't reveal themselves until race night. I didn't expect things to be great but I at least thought they'd be serviceable...wrong. Now thinking of painting a wall to help...have to see what the wife thinks, hehe.

It's probably the yellow paint, throwing of your camera...need a more neutral color
Sure! I'll watch, I can get an idea of how cars perform on that track.
I'd watch.

Big Congrats on your win CCrider, well deserved!!!

Great commentary and track break-in Brian, darn good way to do that.

I'm really happy with how the 07 Tahoe did, a 5 spoke hot-wheel to the final four, it did a great job as far as I feel. It was taken out by the best.  I gotta go back and look to see if there were any other 5 spokes that far.

Take good care of that little 5 spoke Tahoe CCrider, it's got to be a good straight roller and a good roller too.

Have a great week all. I have a couple cars to finish and get in the mail.


hmmm... FTE killer huh... fast 5 spoke indeed.
got a johnny too

I'd be interested to see the video, if it isn't too hard to upload it.

I got the cars this week and...hmmmm....what's this here...seems like they are all paired up waiting for something.  Stay tuned....

Cool, I get another shot at that Caddy 16!
Glad they got there in one piece...enjoy!
...and don't lose that JL Mopar, it'll win you some money

Hey guys,

So before I officially took possession of all your cool cars, I entered them as your cars for one last race in my King of the Hill contest.  They were matched up with a car that was near them from the Rip ā€˜nā€™ Roll results.  The way the King of the Hill contest works is that they get four runs, two in each lane.  The slowest time is thrown out and the other three times are averaged together.  (For official rules see

You can see the results here: mixed in with other cars that have entered. 

I took video of each race.  If you click on the car in the list it should take you to the match-up page where you can view the video. 

Thanks everybody for your cars. :) There are definitely some fast ones!

Trkrs wife got trkr back for the last rookie
Cool stuff, CCR!

That was really cool.  CCRider ROCKS!

Agreed big thumbs up, enjoy the cars!

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