Redline Derby Rip-N-Roll tournament

Saturday, March 21st, 2015
redlinederby Sunday, 2/22/2015
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Winners and Results

Congratulations to ccrider, he is the Rip-N-Roll champion. His Cadillac Sixteen FTE fended off the competition of more than 30 opponents. The prize is all the entry cars, way to go!

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It's time to break in the new "official" Redline Derby Racing track...but we're gonna start with something simple. Your basic rip-n-roll tournament. Not modding for this one, just pick any 1:64 car off the pegs at the store and send it in. They will be opened on race day and raced.

This will be a double elimination tournament but this will not be a series. One date only, winner takes all. Race will happen Saturday, March 21 with results posted Sunday.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Any brand, any year, any wheels
  • Car must remain on the card; no modding
  • Cars length max of 3.25" long; width should fit on standard orange track
  • Height 2" max
  • Limit 2 cars per household


Winner gets all the entry cars.

How to enter

Make a post with your intentions and send in your cars. 

Where to send your cars

Send all entries to:
Redline Derby Racing
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Don't forget to print an ID card and include it with your entry

If you care to include something to help offset shipping cost or want to donate a few new cars, it is appreciated, not required.

Entry deadline

Cars must be received by Wednesday, March 18 for racing that weekend.

Scoring and Winning

This is not a series so there are no points. Cars will be given best 2-out-of-3 per match-up with cars alternating lanes. Tournament will be seeded randomly.

Tracks & Dates

This is a double elimination tournament. Single host.

Series tracks
  • 3/21/2015, Ohio - Redline Derby

Entry cars

Entries received as of 3/17/2015








CortezRacing (via AMH-412)


KandORacing / Old_Hen


Keef921 (UK)






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redlinederby 2/22/15
Site manager

I'll post more track specs when I get my track final. As-is, the track length is about 17-feet with a 4-foot hill.

  • try and get that transfer out to you this week... been too cold ! — model40fan
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2seven 2/23/15


you can count Hambonewc and I in, likely two cars each! This is a great tourney idea for new members. Thanks!


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72_Chevy_C10 2/23/15

I'm pretty sure that I can find a couple cars to send in...count me in, Brian!

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HappyCamper 2/23/15

I'm IN!  Nice to have something simpler to enter while I continue to prepare for the yellow bumper/rookie race.  My kids and I will run out this weekend and pick out our two rip and roll entries.

My God this site is like crack. 

(I assume)

  • time for a talk with the kids, PIE - 3.14 times the diameter = # of revolutions, less affected by track surface imperfections. — model40fan
  • " crack," best compliment ever :) — redlinederby
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KandORacing 2/23/15

K & O Racing will jump in on this one.

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Hambonewc 2/23/15

I'm in, as 2seven already mentioned. 

Wide open entry rules....should bring a interesting mix of cars to the table.


Where's opt1? Matchbox bus...look out racers...

  • Ssshhhh... you'll give him ideas! :) — KandORacing
  • Hoping to see a lot of variety — redlinederby
  • it's to long for these rules but any car from any brand right — otp1
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Diecast64 2/23/15

Cool! me and my boy are in.  Love the rip n race.  With family, work, church, and life keeping me busy, not a lot of modding going on around my house lately. :)

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redlinederby 2/23/15
Site manager

Just so there is an "official" answer to the per the rules, there is a limit of 2 cars per household for this tournament.

Since this is a no-mod tournament with a prize, the limit is pretty fair. There will more of these throughout the year, so everyone will get a chance to win again.

If anyone sends in more than 2 cars, I'll pick 2 at random to be entered. Extras will go into the pot for the winner.

Put me in for 2

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Dadvball 2/23/15

Put me in for 2 please. 

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CrzyTrkrDude 2/24/15

On their way if all goes as planed. Thank You Bernie's Wheels.

The Butterfinger Chevelle raced by CrzyTrkrDude.

Gold Chevelle raced by CrzyTrkrWife.

( horked photos, actual cars will be on cards)

  • No problem...I'll keep an eye out — redlinederby
  • (as of 2-28, check not cashed) — CrzyTrkrDude
  • cars shipping on 3-2 from the snowpile beyon' yon Snowpile — CrzyTrkrDude
  • USPS says they were delivered. THANK YOU BERNIES WHEELS!! — CrzyTrkrDude

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