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Redline Derby Rip-N-Roll tournament

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redlinederby 2/24/15
Site manager

Updated the rules with a maximum car length of 3.25" - I know it's hard to tell length for a car in a blister but most should be well under that length. Restriction is due to the starting gate I'm using at the time.

Width of your car should be no wider than standard orange track width.

My two shipped out today.  Race On RLD!!!

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FOTF 2/24/15

Count me in!  Not sure exactly what I'll enter yet--I don't have many on hand--but I'll find something online or at a club meeting.

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72_Chevy_C10 2/24/15
Event coordinator

I have two boxed up...they will go out tomorrow! 

  • Cars are on their way...Tracking #9114 9011 8986 6006 0156 29 — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Cars received. Good picks — redlinederby
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Nightstalker 2/25/15

Just bought 2 on E Bay for this one.

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otp1 2/28/15

I'll see what I have and get some ready

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Keef921 3/2/15

I'm in on this one, just posted two cars today. Hopefully they will arrive in time.

Regards Keith.

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KandORacing 3/2/15

Can I enter two of the same car? I know it doesn't say that you can't anywhere in the rules but I just have to make sure. Thanks

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HappyCamper 3/3/15

So, I am entering the rookie race but this rip and roll comes up first so really this is my first race.  Growing up my father had (still has) a sweet 67 Firebird AND a 34 Ford Hot Rod so I ordered a couple of those.  They arrived in the mail and I was preparing to take a pic and send them out this weekend.  However, last night, I notice my 2 year old is "vroom vrooming" them across the living room floor.  I look at my wife and ask her how they got out of the cases?!?  My 4 year old says, "Oh.  I did that.  I found them on your dresser.  Was I not supposed to open them?"

I'm hoping I'm not the only one to have something like this happen.  

I have ordered two new cars (another 67 Firebird and 34 Ford) and will hide them better upon arrival.  They should go out this weekend.

I can't wait.

Soooooo.... How many we have signed up/ recieved so far. ( just bumping the thread, theres still time to mail them to RLD RACEWAY!!!!). Bring 'em on BUUUUDDEEEEEEEEE!!!!   LOL

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redlinederby 3/6/15
Site manager

I have picked up to 2 entries from the post office so far...haven't checked in a couple days so there's probably a few there waiting for me. I'll post some photos of entries this weekend.

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HappyCamper 3/6/15

Carded they wouldn't fit on the truck so we had to make other arrangements to get to the post office. 

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