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Redline Derby Rip-N-Roll tournament

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KandORacing 3/8/15

The new official RLD track is one big seemless roll from start to finish, right? Just making sure I have right kind of car for the job. 

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redlinederby 3/8/15
Site manager

Yes, the new RLD track is seamless from start to finish, call it 16-feet total length.

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model40fan 3/9/15


    I am sending you 3 carded cars, [not my team], but color co-ordinated for a team...

RED&BLACK  Nissan Silvia FTE...

RED&BLACK Salt flats racer...5 SPK.

RED &BLACK Greased Lightning... 5 SPK.

 please use them to fatten "skinny" teams and to help fill in the brackets ... or to add to the RLD  prize pile... 

 ....... go RLD Racers go !

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Nightstalker 3/10/15

2 going out today. a 69 GTO with FTE's and a Shelby Concept w/ FTE's

  • There's already one of those black GTO's out there! :) — 72_Chevy_C10
  • ut ohhhhh.... Us Crzy people went old school with some 5 spoke metal on metal Chevelle's.... — CrzyTrkrDude
  • at least they are heavy... lol — CrzyTrkrDude
  • Hope my GTO is faster. lol — Nightstalker
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model40fan 3/10/15

3 car parcel headed to grove city this AM...

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KandORacing 3/10/15

K & O Racing + Old Hen Racing will each have a car headed out soon.

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2seven 3/10/15


I have cars for this to send out but I'm awaiting my first Bernies Wheels order 3/12/15. I'm thinking I can pull something from there and send by Friday or Saturday to get to Cbus in time for 3/18. Thoughts? 


  • Sounds good. I'll do a last PO check on 3/21 so that's the 'true' deadline. — redlinederby
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FOTF 3/11/15

I have something coming to you, I think actually from Florida (I just had it shipped right to the address you listed above, since that'll be cheaper, and at first I thought the event was THIS weekend).  That one is FOTF's; SDR may be sending an identical one out from the home base in CT.

  • We did the same thing with my Mom's car, sent directly to Brian from the eBay seller — KandORacing
  • there is a scam buyers use having the item mailed to a different add. ebay honors the listed add. only , some sellers won't play. — model40fan
  • You can have multiple addresses on eBay, but only one "main/normal/something like that" address. — FOTF
  • Yep, there is the "default address" setting, which is where usually your items are shipped. But, you can choose a different address. — KandORacing

The Marshall Law race team will be sending out some cars in the next day or two.

  • welcome aboard subz, see you in lane two ! — model40fan
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AMH-412 3/11/15


Is it ok to ship my nephews, (Jacob Cortez/Cortez Racing) along with my cars, a couple donor cars to add to the fantasy league, and a monetary donation for RLD to use as needed/wanted all in one priority mail flat rate box. My nephew lives close, he is not in this household, would just like to keep everything in one box.



  • That's all good. Whatever is convenient, just label everything so I can keep entries straight — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/11/15
Site manager

With a PO stop today, here's the list of entries that I have received:

  • 72_Chevy_C10
  • Traction Event
  • CrzyTrkrDude

I'll make another check this weekend, expecting quite a few by that point. I'll update again when I pick them up.

  • Brian, do you have a horse in this race? do you plan on entering the racer ranks? — Traction-Event
  • Wasn't planning on it since so many others are entering. — redlinederby
  • Come on, you should! — KandORacing
  • I can't imagine you not entering! you GOT to enter BRO!! — CrzyTrkrDude
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AMH-412 3/12/15

Thanks Brian,

Wanted to make sure before hand. They will ship out today or tomorrow, will make sure all is well labeled.


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