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Redline Derby Rip-N-Roll tournament

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CrzyTrkrDude 3/22/15


I am surprised i did waaayyy better than I thought I would. I think I actually won a race!

Next time, look out!!  LOL

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redlinederby 3/22/15
Site manager

Here's the final standings, as provided to me by the bracket service (whom I trust more than myself). There weren't any points so this is best a clue as we get.

Champion: ccrider - White Cadillac Sixteen

2nd place: KandORacing - '71 JL Challenger

3rd place: TractionEvent - Hot Tub

4th place: TractionEvent - Funny Car

5th place tie:
ccrider - Mini Cooper
AMH-412 - '07 Tahoe

7th place tie:
Nightstalker - '69 GTO
72_Chevy_C10 - Chrysler 300C

9th place tie:
FOTF - '77 JL Dodge Van
72_Chevy_C10 - '69 GTO
HameboneWC - Nova
Nightstalker - Shelby GR-1

13th place tie:
RedlineDerby - Ford GTX1
OldHen - '70 MB Mustang Boss
2Seven - Trim TRK
AMH-412 - Red Cadillac Sixteen

17th place tie:
Keef921 - Thunderbolt
HappyCamper - '67 Firebird 400
SubtleAmuzement - MR11
Keef921 - '67 Mustang Coupe
CrzyTrkrDude - '70 BF Chevelle
CrzyTrkrDude - '70 Chevelle
SubtleAmuzement - Arrow Dynamic
2Seven - Jaguar XJ220

25th place tie:
HameboneWC - Alfa Romeo
HappyCamper - '68 Olds 442
MoHasAFastCar - Shelby Cobra
MoHasAFastCar - Corvette Roadster
CortezRacing - '67 Mustang
RedlineDerby - Turbolence
CortezRacing - '12 Mustang Boss

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Keef921 3/22/15

Looks like the British entries failed this time, still a cool race, thanks for hosting it Brian.

Congratulations Ccrider, looks like you've got some cars coming your way.

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redlinederby 3/23/15
Site manager

Anyone really interested in seeing the (very) raw and limited video I shot from race night? It won't have sound or even any'll just be a few cuts thrown together. Maybe only 30 seconds worth, but if no one is interested, I won't bother.

I'm really bummed at not having decent video. I just didn't have time to research/test my track for lighting and camera angles...those issues didn't reveal themselves until race night. I didn't expect things to be great but I at least thought they'd be serviceable...wrong. Now thinking of painting a wall to help...have to see what the wife thinks, hehe.

  • It's probably the yellow paint, throwing of your camera...need a more neutral color — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Sure! I'll watch, I can get an idea of how cars perform on that track. — KandORacing
  • I'd watch. — Diecast64
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AMH-412 3/24/15

Big Congrats on your win CCrider, well deserved!!!

Great commentary and track break-in Brian, darn good way to do that.

I'm really happy with how the 07 Tahoe did, a 5 spoke hot-wheel to the final four, it did a great job as far as I feel. It was taken out by the best.  I gotta go back and look to see if there were any other 5 spokes that far.

Take good care of that little 5 spoke Tahoe CCrider, it's got to be a good straight roller and a good roller too.

Have a great week all. I have a couple cars to finish and get in the mail.


  • hmmm... FTE killer huh... fast 5 spoke indeed. — model40fan
  • got a johnny too — AMH-412
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FOTF 3/28/15

I'd be interested to see the video, if it isn't too hard to upload it.

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Diecast64 4/18/15

I got the cars this week and...hmmmm....what's this here...seems like they are all paired up waiting for something.  Stay tuned....

  • Cool, I get another shot at that Caddy 16! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Glad they got there in one piece...enjoy! — redlinederby
  • ...and don't lose that JL Mopar, it'll win you some money — redlinederby
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Diecast64 4/22/15

Hey guys,

So before I officially took possession of all your cool cars, I entered them as your cars for one last race in my King of the Hill contest.  They were matched up with a car that was near them from the Rip ā€˜nā€™ Roll results.  The way the King of the Hill contest works is that they get four runs, two in each lane.  The slowest time is thrown out and the other three times are averaged together.  (For official rules see

You can see the results here: mixed in with other cars that have entered. 

I took video of each race.  If you click on the car in the list it should take you to the match-up page where you can view the video. 

Thanks everybody for your cars. :) There are definitely some fast ones!

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HappyCamper 4/22/15

That was really cool.  CCRider ROCKS!

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