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Redline Derby Rip-N-Roll tournament

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redlinederby 3/21/15
Site manager

Round 2 Highlights and Commentary

We'll call this the upset round...

Spider-Man keeps swinging but only by a hair. FOTF's van again just barely edged out the opponent, SubtleAmuzement's Arrow Dynamic. For such a small car, that Arrow can really move...but is Marvel's favorite son running out of gas?

I guess that means lightning can strike twice because K&Os JL Challenger once again blew the doors off...taking out the heavy Funny Car. (We might be starting a JL league here sooner than you think, ha!)

I'm officially out as my GTX got beat by C10's GTO but now he has to go up against ccrider's Sixteen as it took out the favored Hot Tub FTE entered by Traction Event. With the Tub and Funny knocked out, so is TE...but not because he didn't pick smart!

The round ended with a true battle between the MR11 and Mini. After seeing the MR11 perform in Round 1, I had my money there but the Mini proved you should never judge a book by its cover.

...don't forget, the bracket results are updated live after each round, and photos are on Instagram throughout the night. The Loser's Bracket will race after the winner's.

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redlinederby 3/21/15
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Round 3 Highlights and Commentary

And then there were four...

Johnny Lightning continued to make his presence known as the highlight of the round saw that bad ass Challenger blow through C10's Chrysler 300C like a wet tissue. But Johnny lost one too, as the Spider-Man van met his match in AMH's Tahoe.

And once again the Mini Cooper FTE proved its might to out pace the GR1, but now it stares the white Sixteen FTE in the face.

We don't really favor any one brand over another here at Redline Derby, but to say we're not pro-Hot Wheels would probably be a lie. Thus it would be fitting to be put in our place by a Johnny...will it happen? Place your bets as we roll into Round 4...

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redlinederby 3/22/15
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Round 4 & Semifinals Highlights and Commentary

The narrowness of the Tahoe vs. Challenger race cannot be understated. The Tahoe was strong all night and I thought it had a fighting change but the JL Challenger just kept on rollin'. That was followed up by a win for the Sixteen FTE over the Mighty Mini, another good close race.

The main bracket semifinals was battle of the brands, Hot Wheels vs. Johnny Lightning. The Johnny has been crushing opponents left and right all night long, but the Sixteen had been taking care of business too. The race was back-and-fourth but once the smoke cleared the Sixteen stood strong, sending the Challenger to the loser's bracket...but I have a feeling these two will meet again real soon.

So now the Sixteen waits for the king of the losers...

(There won't be commentary for each of the Loser's rounds, just some overall highlights before the championship match)

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KandORacing 3/22/15

Congratulations CCRider, that's a darn good Caddy. Enjoy your winnings, you earned them!

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redlinederby 3/22/15
Site manager

Loser's Bracket Highlights

Seeing how the JL Challenger was waiting at the end of this bracket, watching the rest of the races was great but you couldn't help but feel that they were all racing towards a loss...and they were.

Despite some great matches...even one where AMH's Sixteen tied with HamboneWC's Nova...the bracket pretty much ran out like you would expect. The Funny Car and Hot Tub saw through to the end, actually going head-to-head in an all-TractionEvent showdown. In the end, the Hot Tub returned, swearing vengeance on the purple Challenger but his water must have run cold. The Johnny once again came out on top, giving him a rematch with the Sixteen FTE.


The final race was once again a battle of the brands, a rematch from the main bracket. And while the action was close, the result was the same - the Cadillac Sixteen FTE edged out the JL Challenger by a bumper.

So after almost 3-hours of racing, your Rip-N-Roll champion is ccrider, runner-up KandORacing with TractionEvent pulling in a respectable third.

ccrider will receive all the cars from the tournament...and that's a lot...and a lot of fast ones too boot. I would expect to see some of these cars again in future Redline Derby tournaments.

Congratulations, ccrider and thanks to everyone that entered a car for a chance to win big...but there can only be one.

You can check out the full bracket and I'll throw up some video once I get it edited. It won't look good but it'll be something. Until then, you can see all the photos from the night over on Instagram.

  • Woohoo! Awesome job on the event. Lots of fun and enjoyed the pics on Instagram. — Diecast64

So that was interesting.  Thanks especially for the narratives.  I didn't get mention in any but I lost all my races...which isn't totally unexpected but still disappointing.  My first entries.  Chosen since I know and have those cars and know how they perform in my modest stable.

Lesson, par is considerably faster than the top end of my collection.

I should have some cars completed this weekend or Monday for the rookie race, hopefully a slightly better result with those.

Congrats ccrider.

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HappyCamper 3/22/15

WHOO HOO!  Had to be up at 6am for a 5K (walk not run, gotta get in better shape) Sunday but I found myself up past midnight reading results.  Much like Mo in the previous post I was disappointed in my performance but not surprised.  My 67 Firebird managed to win 1 race in the loser's bracket so it's not a total wash. 

Still working at deadline pace to finish my rookie cars.  Goal there is just to finish them and get them in.  I will worry about results when I get better at Mods.

Congrats CCrider!

  • you will get the little improvements as you ... go ccr go ! — model40fan
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FOTF 3/22/15

Well, at least I picked the winner!

Congratulations, CCRider!  Very good thinking on the Cadillac FTE, apparently--and I should say you ought to have some decent racers in there!

RLD, thank you for hosting, narrating, and photoing this event!  Sorry I wasn't able to make a better showing.  Maybe next time!

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72_Chevy_C10 3/22/15
Event coordinator

Congrats CCR, 

I knew that I didn't stand a chance when I saw that Caddy 16 fte! But my donor cars did better than I thought they would!

Good job with the race, Brian! How do you like the new track?

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model40fan 3/22/15

way 2 go ccr,  spanking those big bad johnnies is a nice win in itself...

with cars  being raced right out of the package, wonder if there is their a weight list ? ...

  • Mine was a 61g model. — KandORacing
  • The van must've been 80-something (talk about big). Wait'll he has an UNCARDED race... As for most of them, you could probably get... — FOTF
  • ...weights from the Fantasy League. — FOTF

Rip and rolls are always entertaining...congrats to the winner!!!!!!!  CCRIDER. Glad we could break in the RLD home track in style. 

Fantastic commentary and race reporting, we are spoiled. 

Brian, can you post a top 10?

  • or ummmmm.. Top 20 so I might see my name too?? lol — CrzyTrkrDude
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Hambonewc 3/22/15

That was fun! Commentary definitely adds to the experience. Thanks for breaking us rookies in in style! 

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