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Redline Revival 2: Modify your beater Redline

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Win or lose those two classic Redlines will be racing again!!!!! The Torero had no wheels and the T-Bird was so mangled axel wise that even with it's four wheels, you could have put it on a 70 degree drop and it would have just sat there or slowly slid down the track....lot of fun bringing them back to life after who knows how many years of stasis.  

  • That torero looks sweet! I am doing a van and rescue ranger — gtaman
  • Ahhh, two heavy weights...good choices — LeagueofSpeed

The Torero and T Bird have landed. The cars are in the fold and ready to race!!!!

My cars are almost there, but the mail service is being late! Please wait for it to arrive.

  • Shipment delayed should have Saturday I hope — gtaman

My cars are in the mail. No more sweat!

  • Ya something got delayed, i ran what i had on the big track, will run another on mine when i get te's cars — gtaman
  • Don't wait for me, never got my builds together for this event... — Traction-Event
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gtaman 3/7/17

Its in the books, will have video by end of week

Well, looks like that little T-Bird had quite the revival, from a paper weight to duke'en it out with two HW downhill legends in Jet Threat and Rocket Bye-Baby. That was a pretty good show for that casting, which was never known for speed.   

I knew my Jet Threat would be a fast one. Aerodynamics is definitely part of its speed.

  • For sure, very good choice and congrats on the victory — LeagueofSpeed

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