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Redline Revival 2: Modify your beater Redline

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gtaman 3/8/17

The Jet Threat is very close to having the track record.  I have seen 2.20 flat, it ran 2.22 at one point.

  • Nicely done, that little T-Bird was fast — LeagueofSpeed
  • No worries TrackSurgeon...I know thier your cars :) — LeagueofSpeed
  • 2.281 by the T-Bird...not bad at all — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yep the tbird was pretty awesome, i will get cars mailed out Saturday or Monday in orig packagingmailed — gtaman
  • Looks like it handeled the transition better and worse during it's runs. — LeagueofSpeed
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gtaman 3/18/17

Sirry guys ran outta packing tape will get cars out Monday

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gtaman 3/18/17

My apologies to Tracksurgeon, I had it in my head that traction-event had entered!  I even put it in the video and offered him the prize.  So sorry for my mistake!

Cars arrived back at League of Speed headquarters today....enjoyed it, thanks gtaman for hosting.

Both cars were in the mailbox yesterday. Time to get a good downhill racer or a nice Mopar on Amazon.

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