Redline Revival 2: Modify your beater Redline

Friday, March 3rd, 2017
gtaman Monday, 2/6/2017

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Beater Redlines get new life! Modify a beater redline to make it fast and lets race!

Final video:

Some inspiration:

DRILL IT, and you have to replace the wheels/axles. My idea is to take an original Redline and refresh the performance. FTE's, 5 spokes, black walls, you name it ALL racing and Grudge matches will be videoed...

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight 65g max
  • Size restrictions; length and height The usual sizes - 3.5" long, 1.5" wide blutrack wide
  • Up to 2 cars per person 
  • Beater Redline Cars from 1967-1975
  • Wheel limitations: None, if you want to run redline wheels, do it
  • Must be drilled rivets, RACERS
  • Dry lubes only
  • Original patina or polish entries
  • No redline cars made after the year 1975


$10 Amazon Gift Card Digital

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Want your car/s back? $4 shipping. Winner will have shipping returned

Where to send your cars

PM gtaman to get my address

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 3/3/17

Scoring and Winning, 

Double elimination, I will use or whatever


cars more than 2g over weight not allowed

Tracks & Dates

All races will be at two locations, my house which has a digital time/scoring system, 25ft blutrack, and our Diecast Dragsters 50ft track


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    Looks like a good one to follow for sure!!


    Keep the original paint/patina? 

    More than one car per household allowed??

    Looking forward to seeing what develops and who builds what. I know a few of you have a bunch of beaters. Lots of vans floating around too.


    • 2 cars, lets do original patina or polished — gtaman

    I'm in!!! I just started a mod on the 1969 casting 57 Classic T-Bird. When I got to chassis off, there was some wadded up orange shag carpet wrapped around one of the back wheels....I remember those days being a child of the 70's. Sounds like a lot of to see how much weight I can get in the little bugger and get the body back on!!!   

    • Wow. That should be fun. There is not much room in the T Bird. But, I Love the casting. Porthole window? — CrzyTrkrDude
    • It's a convertible, might have a chance on the 25' track...50' who knows — LeagueofSpeed

    Question - I have a Side Kick and a Steam Roller that are from blue card and Hot Ones card.  They were both made before 1975 ( copyright date ).  But I am not sure if the count as Red Lines since they are not original.  Are they legal ?   Thx Voxxer

    • I'm gonna say no just because it goes against the theme to have "pretty" newer cars, would like to keep it to beater originals — gtaman
    • I understand. That is why I asked. Will have to pass on this race. Need to get some beaters !! — VoxxerRacing

    This will be one of my favorite tournaments to enter. I've got hundreds of beaters in a shoebox!

    2nd Redline Resto will be a 1969 casting Torero.

    So two 1969 castings....57 Classic T-Bird and the Torero.

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    delta6 2/9/17

    I'm always up for another Redline resurrection. Gonna do something other than a Jet Threat 2.

    Builds going well, cut the axel channels in tonight and had to make the rear wheel wells on the Torero deeper for the fatter FTE rear wheels, but with the old tabs for the independent suspension still there it was an easy fix, I just cut flush up to those on each side....lot of fun!!! I took two front wheel and axels from two Copa Camaro color change cars for the T Birds front and rear set...worked out well with wheel well clearance. Good Luck on your builds!!!!!! 

    • Sweet, can you post a pic? — gtaman
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    gtaman 2/23/17

    We need more pictures on this thread!

    Sorry for no pics, I'll try to get savvy enough to post some in the future( I'll get my 13 year old to show me how). The 57 T Bird is reassembled and I got it around 55 grams, which I call a decent job. The car really looks great, carrying on that sweet 57 T Bird look on a 1/64 scale(please let me know what you think when it gets a look see) The Torero chassis is in the axel jig as I type, will reassemble on Saturday and ship both out Monday via priority mail.....looking forward to this race!!!!!!!!!!

    Could I enter a Redline that's been kid painted? You can still see the original paint and polish on the car.

    Cars in the mail..2 to 3 day priority. Shipping from NC.

    Rocket-Bye-Baby, in the tree top,

    When the light shines, the clutch will drop.

    Goldenrod at dawn. . .

    Zephyr carries a turbo

    Beneath a gold sun.

    Entries will be shipped tomorrow as first class.

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