Redline Rundown #2

redlinederby Sunday, 1/12/2020
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The Redline Rundown is a weekly post highlighting what’s been happening around Redline Derby Racing and the diecast racing community. Look for the Redline Rundown each week to catch up on what you missed and to get ready for your next race.

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Hot topics

Worpex Racing is running a massive at-home tournament of 512 cars known as the Full Draft. They’re racing stock cars in brackets and tracking all the results. Worpex Racing’s database of car performance data is deep and a great resource for anyone doing research on how stock cars perform on the track over time. Checkout the latest update.

Screw it. It can be easy to take your cars apart but sometimes quite the opposite when putting them back together. Redline Derby member Mattman213 recently shared his technique for using screws to keep his cars together after surgery. It’s easier than you might think and can really change how you approach modifying your cars. I tried it, and it worked great. So much so that I don’t see myself going back to using epoxy/glue.

It’s not a sin to mention Matchbox around here, far from it, and member RobertBcfc is looking to compile a list of MBX castings that seem to always be fast and perform on the track. What are your go-to Matchbox cars? Check out the list so far and share your picks.

Racing this week

The first Rookie Rally goes green this week and finds a solid field of new builders battling it out to become the first Rookie Rally champion. This is round robin event with racing starting later this week. Check out all the entries and make your pick for the next top modder.

The first leg of the RLD Nationals just finished up in North Carolina. It’s a field of 64 racing only ’55 and ’57 Chevys and the track was hot all weekend. You can see all the car entries and watch all the match-ups. The next stop for the RLD Nationals is Red Pill Raceway in Georgia.

Racing next month

The Super Cars tournament and big Triplemania Weekend events are still on track for early and late February, respectively. I just finished building my Super Cars entries…expectations aren’t too high but we’ll see.

Further down the road

The Beast Wars tournament is on the calendar for March after getting postponed this past December. Start looking for those bats, rats, and dragons…

Also in March, our new friends from Hot Car Track in Australia are planning a big tournament called Lord of the Wasteland. Given the geography, we’re looking to put together a single entry shipment for Redline Derby members. Get all the details.

It feels wrong to already think about summer, but just announced is this year’s big summer series, Charger Summer 2020. This summer belongs to Dodge, so start scouting and mark your calendar.

Hidden gems

We’ve seen a lot of great topics and articles get shared over the past 10 years, and unfortunately, some of the good ones get buried. Each Rundown we’ll try to dig up a share some hidden gems.

A few other things

If you haven’t yet, follow Redline Derby on Facebook and Instagram. I’m looking to throw a few things out there soon that you might be interested in.

The Triplemania Weekend of events keeps getting bigger, so expect some more announcements this week regarding those races. I’ve never really done a live race event before so I’m learning as I go and trying to get everything together…the list is long (and growing).

If you have a idea, topic, or know of an event that needs a rub, start a topic and share it with the community, and I'll do my best to give it a shoutout on a future Rundown.

And if you're looking for past Redline Rundowns, you can browse through this collection in the archive.

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