Triplemania Weekend

redlinederby Sunday, 12/1/2019
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Two days, 3 events….it's your chance to join Redline Derby Racing in-person during a special Triplemania Weekend of racing happening February 21 & 22, 2020. 

Redline Derby Racing is partnering with the Autobody Specialists repair shop in Columbus, Ohio for 2 days of racing culminating in a full day of activities during the Downhill Diecast Drags Championship happening on Saturday, February 22, 2020. Stock racing… modified racing… we got you covered.

Find some cars. Build some cars. You get entry into 3 events for one shipping price. Plus, FREE return shipping for all entrants.

The Ohio Diecast Challenge

The action starts Friday night 2/21 with the Ohio Diecast Challenge. This is a standard bracket tournament with mixed class racing open to mail-in entrants through Redline Derby Racing. It's the head-to-head racing we all know and love.

Get all the details about the Ohio Diecast Challenge

Battle of the Builders

Friday night will also host the 1st Annual Battle of the Builders, which will birth a friendly rivalry between Redline Derby Racing and Autobody Specialists. Join the Redline Derby team in the battle for speed supremacy. This is a modified-only race where the team with the overall fastest time will be crowned the Best of the Builders. 

Enter and join Team RLD for the Battle of the Builders

Downhill Diecast Drags

The Triplemania Weekend will conclude on Saturday 2/22 with an all-day event of racing and fun for the whole family, the Downhill Diecast Drags, hosted by Autobody Specialists. The day includes a kid's rip-n-roll race, face painting, real life race cars, free food & drink, plus two 64-car brackets for both stock and modified classes. If you're in Central Ohio (or close to it) we invite you to come meet Redline Derby & Friends for some great racing and entertainment. This event is open to walk-in entries and mail-in entries through Redline Derby Racing.

Learn all you need to know about the Downhill Diecast Drags

Come meet Redline Derby Racing

Autobody Specialists was gracious enough to invite Redline Derby Racing to join in their big event, and together we turned it into a weekend of racing. All of the races are being hosted by Autobody Specialists at their shop in Columbus, Ohio (Map). Following a very successful diecast racing event in 2019, this second outing promises to be bigger and better than before, and we all hope you can help. Join the fun either by mailing in some cars or taking a road trip to race in person. 

I will be the event all day to represent Redline Derby Racing and handle the mail-in entries, and might even pass out some RLD swag and freebies. I'm excited for this chance to share the Redline Derby Racing community with a local audience and can only hope it will create more opportunities for us in the future. I'm also looking forward to showing the locals how we do things here at RLD. We have some of the best diecast racers around in our ranks and it's going to be fun planting a flag and staking a claim.

I encourage and hope everyone can enter all 3 events with however many cars you care to send. One shipping box will get you entered into a whole weekend of racing, so it's a good deal.

Check out the links to learn more about each event. Race restrictions and details are pretty firm but the all-day Saturday event schedule is subject to change.



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NDeavers80 12/1/19

I might be able to make it Saturday

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FOTF 12/1/19

This sounds like a great event! I’ll try to send some stuff in for the stock-allowing classes at least.

First this sounds like a great weekend of racing, thanks for organizing. Second, close enough for me to attend (yes!), but I have a commitment that weekend (Boo) Need to see if I can weasel out

Finally, for clarification. To participate in all events.  

ODC, one car 60g Modified

BOB, one car 60g Modified

DDD, two cars 40g stock, and 60g modified

  • Hi, I work for Autobody Specialists and I'm one of the organizers behind this event. For the Saturday 3D event you can enter two cars - one in each class or both in stock or modified. — Team164Bruno
  • Yeah...3D event is total of 2 cars. Two in one class, or one in each class. Hope you can make the trip. — redlinederby
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Team164Bruno 12/2/19

Thought I'd post a few pics from last year to give an idea of what we do at this event. 

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WorpeX 12/2/19

I wanna come SO BAD. I have no idea if i'll be able to make it though, it's going to be at a weird time for me. Right now end of Feb. will either be a crazy rush to move into a new home or completely free. Really depends on how things work out haha 8 hour drive for me also... would likely stay the weekend and make a trip out of it if I can go.

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LeagueofSpeed 12/2/19
Event coordinator

The Legion will be ready...

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