Redline Rundown #7

redlinederby Monday, 2/17/2020
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It's finally here, President's Day. Wait,'s Triplemania week and that means I'm up to my ear lobes in prep work for what promises to be a fun weekend of racing. I might be a little scarce this week here on the site but expect some (even more) Triplemania hype and photos along the way.


Triplemania Weekend is here
Well, duh, right? Final mail-in collection will be Wednesday afternoon and then look for a quick preview post Thursday. Friday night should be interesting as we run the Ohio Diecast Challenge and Builder Battle. I might try to do some live videos on Facebook that night but it will depend on resources. I'll do my best to keep the updates coming on Friday & Saturday on Facebook and Instagram, so follow there if you're not already.


Beware, bad track on Amazon
I was excited to see a big box of Hot Wheels orange track for sale on Amazon but it was quickly brought to my attention that it was not what it seemed (thanks, Matt!). The $60 price tag for 172 feet of track sounded good, but the blue button connectors make the track near useless. Avoid the temptation.

Is the Jaguar i-Pace ID fast or not?
Worpex Racing's big Full Draft tournament saw the Jag SUV take the top spot as the fastest car but reports otherwise seem to suggest the casting is nothing special. Or is it? Matt in Tennessee was curious and took the Jag to task as well, and the results were very interesting. 

Round robin tournaments can be fun too
If you're looking to try something a little different for your next tournament, maybe try a round robin format instead of a traditional elimination bracket. Just make sure your field of cars is manageable.


The Super Cars survive Bootleg Run
Some of our exotics survived Bootleg Run, others did not...mine did not. It's not an easy track to tackle but Diecast 64 showed everyone what's up by taking the Top 2 spots. Bravo to the Utah crew! This was a good one and we all have super cars to spare, so look for another race later this year.

Farewell to Philly
Worpex Racing is hosting a mail-in that will be the last on Philadelphia track. He's putting together a special layout but what makes this one interesting is the field...we're asking you enter previous mods that didn't win. So you don't need to build a new car! Just find an old build that deserves a second wind and send it to Philly for another go at the gold.

The Redline Rumble is full
We got a full 30 cars entered into the Redline Rumble so it's the build-n-wait game until next month for this one. But in a few weeks we'll be doing an entry draft live stream where you'll get to see what entry number your cars get. Start scouting and pray for a high number draw.

Off the track

It won't be the last time you hear this, but THANK YOU to everyone that supports Redline Derby Racing. This weekend's Triplemania events are the first of it's kind for me and for Redline Derby, and without everyone's support, we wouldn't have gotten this far, let alone be asked to join such an event. I hope to represent our hobby well in front of a few hundred people...and maybe we'll just take a few of them with us.



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WorpeX 2/17/20

Nice post as always. Thanks for the updates!

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Mattman213 2/17/20

We need a LIKE button so bad, Ide be all over it with these roundups.  Thanks as always!


  • We had a Like button way back when but I think I removed it because it discouraged commenting. People would just Like-n-Go, but might be time to consider adding it back. Better to have a quick Like than nothing at all, I suppose. — redlinederby
  • Then you have people like me who will like and then still comment. :D — WorpeX
  • Oh yeah Im about commenting BUT sometimes you wanna do like Redline said and leave a quick Like and go. Its not necessary to go through the trouble to add it, more of just saying I like these roundups! — Mattman213
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