Redline Rundown #20

redlinederby Tuesday, 5/26/2020
Site manager

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and spent some time with your family and friends. And as Alice Cooper put it, school's out for summer! Plus it's been hotter than hell here in the midwest, so that means I've been inside working a few updates that will hopefully be coming soon to the site. Keep it rollin'!!


Racing through the living room
Not everyone has a dedicated space for racing so we have make do with what we have, and sometimes that means racing right through the living room. Check out what member Stephen has been up to with his open road track layout, it's pretty fantastic. Even just a little bit of modeling can go a long way, even in the middle of your home.


From big to little
Taking your open track down into lanes can be tricky. It's never going to be perfect but there are some things you can try to help reduce the number of crashes. Share your ideas.

Zuru wheels strike back
Where do the Zuru Metal Machines rank in your list of fast cars? The debate rages on as we all are looking for resources to build faster cars. What's your insight with these "alternative" diecast cars?

Blutrack pros and cons
Blutrack isn't one that gets a lot of chatter around here since it's not in stores or as easy to get your hands on. It's not a bad product but it can be difficult to manage. Check out what Ralph Tech is doing with his Blutrack build.


June is only a week away and that means Charger Summer and the RLD Racing League is getting back on track, so you best get your cars tested and ready to ship out soon.

As always, be sure to check out the Redline Derby racing calendar for more upcoming races from RLD and other clubs.

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