Redline Rundown #23

redlinederby Monday, 6/22/2020
Site manager

First, some quick apologies for getting behind in the Rundowns lately. Life has been busy and I got a bit behind. It guys barely need me at this point. But enough about me, lets take a look and see what's been on your minds lately.


Community photo gallery
A recent web site update included a new community photo gallery that shows off the latest photos and images being shared around the web site. It's a great way to spend a few minutes every few days to see what people are doing.


In search of the perfect axle
We all know the FTE/NPA axles are a good place to start compared to non-FTE axles, but what else might make a good axle? Sewing pins...piano wire...? Share what you've tried and what discoveries you've made.

3DBotMaker debuts new 2021 mainline
Our friends over at 3DBotMaker scored big and got in with Mattel, allowing him to debut a new 2021 mainline. Appropriately, it's a classic Lancia rally car. They only got a bare metal prototype casting but still cool to see. Can't wait!

The fast mainlines of 2019 & 2020
We all know the legends of the classic speedsters like the Cadillac FTE and 300C and the likes...but they're all "old" cars at this point. Which cars from recent years have you found to be consistently fast? Share your experience and help build the list.

The Jormungandr
This new entry in the Track Directory is a great looking layout that lives out in Oregon. Some really cool twists and turns covering 40-feet of fun.

In the driver's seat
The crew over at Windowmaker Run have put together a fun video that puts you the seat of a Hot Wheels car. Just something fun to think about and play with, but also a reminder that creativity doesn't have to stay on the track.


The first stage of Charger Summer is in the books. Catch all the great racing and highlights from the first track. Next stop for the Mopar Army is Michigan.

The Poppa Speed Invitational is right around the corner. Keep up with all your options and start planning your builds if you haven't already.

Also coming up soon in early July is the Westfield 500 and the Lightweight Rally Series from Rust Belt Racing. Check them all out and more on the Race Calendar.

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