Redline Rundown #25

redlinederby Sunday, 7/12/2020
Site manager

We're burning through the summer but the cars don't stop rolling. This week we have a couple of reviews and a few new features. July races are all in-progress but August is only a few weeks away and we'll do it all over again.


New calendars and tracking your wins
The web site got a few updates recently, including a new race calendar and archive calendar. Along with that everyone gets a new profile page that shows off a few of your race stats. This is just the beginning but it's a good start.


JLH Starting Gate review
With 3DBotMaker ending his product line, there's a small void in track accessories that will certainly be filled...and JLH Krats is trying to do just that. Check out the review of their 2-lane starting gate.

Teamsterz finish line review
Meanwhile, over in the UK, a review of the Teamsterz Street Race Showdown kit focuses on their included electronic sensor finish line and starting gates. What it lacks in quality it might make up in affordability.

Make your own Matchbox-style suspension
I'm a fan of the Matchbox tension suspension. Instead of clips and channels for the axles, they're just held down with some thing metal. It gives the wheels some bounce, which could come in handy. Check out how you can make your own.

Gold Mountain Raceway
This recent addition to the Track Directory is an work-in-progress that promises a little fun along the way. One to keep an eye on, for sure.

Reporting races results helps everyone
If you're posting your races here on Redline Derby, you should also be reporting the final results when all the racing is done. It's quick & easy and gives racers stats to be proud of.


The Poppa Speed Invitational has been pushed back until August, which gives you even more time to dial in your builds.

Charger Summer has made its way to Utah on the Diecast 64 "low and slow" track. Watch all the races and action. Where did your cars place?

Also coming up in August we got the Gov'ner vs CCM race which should be some really great racing. You can get a list of even more races in the newly redesigned race calendar showing not only RLD sponsored races but events from other clubs and channels all over the world.

And don't forget anyone can add their ace to the calendar...AND don't forget to submit the Top 5 finishers for the races you're hosting once they're done. It's quick and easy and gives racers some stats to be proud of.

Want even more racing? Stop by the Diecast Racing Channel Guide, the ultimate list of diecast racing on YouTube with more than 50 channels. Add your channel and find your next favorite.

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