Redline Rundown #27

redlinederby Sunday, 8/2/2020
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The past week has been all about the race events. Lots of races happening and lots of events on the horizon. But keep sharing your tracks and your cars...the more, the merrier!


Catching up with the RLD Racing League
The RLD Racing League is alive and kicking! Schedules got a little out of whack for a bit but we're getting back on track. The July raced got a delayed until this month, so now's the time to claim your spot. These are one-off races so you can join now even if you haven't raced prior.


The Poppa Speed Invitational is scheduled to kick off this weekend. It promises to be a banger of an event with all sorts of divisions being run.

The Gov'ner vs CCM race has been pushed back to October, so you have some extra time to work on your rides for that one.

But also coming up in October is the annual Boneyard Classic that opened up this week. This is always a fun event since it pushes people to combine several cars into one for some great Frankencar builds. Claim your slot and start scouting.

But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves...the Dixie Challenge III on Bootleg Run is up first in September. There's still room so find yourself an open-wheeled casting and get it ready.

It might seem early, but 2021 is closer than it is farther now, and the RLD Nationals have been posted - we're racing The Z Cars. Claim your spot and then find yourself a Nissan/Datsun and start getting ready.

There's always more racing, so stop over by the event calendar and see everything that's scheduled. And if your race isn't on the calendar - put it there!

And of course, you can get all the best of rest from the DSPN Weekly Racing Report. Give it watch.


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Mattman213 8/3/20

Woohoo lots of fun ahead!


I'm stoked because this is really fun.

Look Maw! Ma cars gonna be on that talkin picture box.

August through November...the Legion of Speed HQ is humming and we're ready to roll!!!

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