Redline Rundown #3

redlinederby Monday, 1/20/2020
Site manager

It's a short week for many so I hope everyone enjoys it and makes the best of the free day. Last week was filled with some great mods, great racing, and great conversation.


Rookie Rally wraps up
The first Rookie Rally finished up over the weekend and saw Team 164 Bruno's blue Ballistik maintain its cool in every race, ending with a perfect run across all 7 rounds. There were some great builds across the board and the racing was top notch. Congrats to Bruno and bravo to everyone that entered.


DIY elecontric finish line tutorial
Robby over at Diecast 64 has put up a great tutorial on how to build your own electronic finish line. He's got a nice video and a step-by-step guide with tons of photos. If you need a new finish line, or maybe want to upgrade from the one you have, check out D64's guide.

Customizing the axle jig
I found out that adding a little bit of rubber to the axle alignment jig can be good for keeping cars in place on the blocks, but member Go_Time one-upped me by making his jig damn near magical with some magnets.

FTEs for sale
One of the founding members of RLD, JDC442, is selling off his huge collection of FTE Hot Wheels. He's giving first crack to Redline Derby members before he opens it up on eBay, so check it out and let him know if you're interested.

Is there any off-brand speed?
Member RoberBcfc's quest for finding the fast cars continues but this time he's looking for speed in all the so-called "off-brand" cars. Maybe it's a dead end road, maybe not...but Robert wants to find out. Share you experience and help build the list.


Rookie Rally
The Rookie Rally finished up. Watch all the match-ups and get the latest results.

Super Cars on Bootleg Run
The Super Cars are up next in a few weeks and they're taking on the Bootleg Run track. The entries are starting to finish up and you can check out the photos to see what you're up against. Although it's probably safe to say your competition here isn't the other cars, but the Bootleg Run itself.

RLD Racing League
The RLD Racing League continues mid-February and there are still a few slots left. You only need 1 car so hop on it before it's full. And you don't need to have raced in January to enter in February. It's a pick-up series so join in when you can.

Triplemania Weekend
Things are really starting to shape up for the Triplemania Weekend of races. This weekend on 1/25 is an open-track practice for the Downhill Diecast Drags. I'll be there with a few cars and mingling with folks talking about the big event. I'll have a complete recap next week.

Few more things

Congratulations to Axl Hsn for winning our Facebook giveaway this past week. He gets a free RLD Axle Alignment Jig. Way to go!

The Redline Derby Store is now well-stocked with RLD logo t-shirts. Get yours and show your support.

The Redline Derby archive is a treasure trove of diecast racing topics from the last 10 years. You'll find a little bit of everything. Jump down the rabbit hole and have some fun.


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LeagueofSpeed 1/20/20
Event coordinator

Loving the Redline Rundown...great addition to the site!!!

  • Thanks. Glad it's useful. Looking at making it an email newsletter too, just gotta get all my ducks in a row for that. — redlinederby
  • Bravo — LeagueofSpeed
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NDeavers80 1/20/20

Cool deal. I tried to make a suggestion on the rookie rally race only posted it in the comments on the second YouTube video and I think only one person liked my idea. 

  • I liked it! Send Redline a PM and see what he thinks — Mattman213
  • I'll go check it out. Sorry I missed it. Haven't trained myself to look at YT comments yet. Too many places to keep track off!!! — redlinederby
  • Oh ok. I know there's a lot going on I just didn't feel like posting in lots of places. — NDeavers80
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