Reusing Tungsten Cubes

GhostDriver Tuesday, 4/6/2021

I don't know if anyone could use this tip, but I figured I'd put it out there anyway.

If you're a builder on a budget like me then you know that tungsten cubes can get expensive. So early on in modding cars I thought of this to help me reuse them over and over again.

I simply wrap them in a small piece of 3M masking tape and then gorilla glue them in. So when I get my builds back I can simply pull them out with needle nose pliers and use them again. If glue gets on the actual weight just lightly file it off since tungsten is pretty durable.

Make sure to wrap the weight good and use plenty of gorilla glue. Of course you can use this with any type of weight. But since tungsten is more expensive this may be more adventageous for those who use it.

I hope this helps someone!!


That's actually a pretty interesting tip. Thanks.

I've thought about trying some strong double sided tape.

  • That may work initially but I would still use some type of strong adhesive. Sometimes cars go crashing off the track. Unless it’s some super strong commercial type tape. — GhostDriver
  • 3m vhb double sided is supposed to be the strongest there is. — EightOCRacing
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SpyDude 4/6/21

You can find the Gorilla Glue in the hair products aisle at Home Depot. :p

  • Yeah that wasn’t a good situation at all...smh — GhostDriver
  • One of my friends' fiance works at H-D ........ someone asked where the Gorilla Glue was. With a completely straight face, he deadpanned, "Hair products are on Aisle Fifteen." — SpyDude
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