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Rookie Rally 2020

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Team164Bruno 12/4/19

Can you add two from Team 1.64 Racing? 

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ErnestTBass 12/4/19

Sign me up

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redlinederby 12/28/19
Site manager

Just a bump reminder that this race is only about 2 weeks out. Get your mods made and shipped within the next couple weeks. Good luck!

And if for any reason you signed up and are no longer going to be able to send in a car, please post and let me know. I can open that slot up for someone else that might want to enter. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the reminder Brian, I plum forgot about this since I made my car so early! I'll try to get it in the mail next week. — WorpeX

I have a question about shipping. What is the best method to ensure the car will not be damaged in shipment? I was thinking of bubble wrapping the car, putting it in a small box and then bubble wrapping the small box and put it inside a bigger box.

Also, instead of putting $3 inside for return shipment, would it be okay to put a prepaid return label inside? If not, I will put the $3 in.

  • I cant speak to others but I bubble wrap the car with a small piece of thick cardboard on the chassis so the wheels/axles dont get bent then put that in a small box as snug as I can and thats it. Some use little tupperware/project boxes with similar wrapping then box that and mail it. Damage happens, Ive heard of a couple examples in the past but Ive not experienced it just yet so I cant really be of too much help other than to tell what I do personally. — Mattman213
  • I rarely see cars get damaged regardless how it’s packed. Myself, I get an old blister that fits the car and pack it with paper or puffs so it doesn’t jostle around. Then that in a box with more wrapping so it’s snug. — redlinederby
  • And a pre-paid shipping label is fine if that’s what you want to do. — redlinederby
  • I think I did the old blister trick for the 510 race come to think of it. — Mattman213
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redlinederby 1/4/20
Site manager

Another bump reminder...this is the last week to get cars shipped out. Last pickup will be this coming weekend. I plan to start racing during the week.

Working on my entry today. Gotta get it to Redline headquarters. 

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WorpeX 1/5/20

I think I need to drop out of this. I haven't had a chance to get the post-offce and I'm starting to get cold feet on sending the WorpeX Testarossa. If it gets lost in the mail or damaged i'll be so upset, it took so long to make. Plus, its turned more into a show car then a racer as its pretty mediocre on the track. If I make it to the Triplemania Weekend i'll be sure to bring it with me for one of those events though. 

Unfortunately, I also don't have anything else eligible to send thats faster then the mediocre testarossa. I might be able to whip something together just for something to send though, even if its not fast.

  • I wouldn't worry about getting lost or damaged...I've never had that type of bad luck with USPS. But whatever you feel... — redlinederby
  • I could send an xtra 4 u... no promises on speed tho. — SavageSpeeder
  • I have a couple cars I could easily send one in for you IF it would complete the field, make things more fun and most importantly, not take away from the spirit of the race or bother anyone to do so. Let me know. — Mattman213
  • But I also agree, it would likely be very very safe in transit at least from my experience — Mattman213
  • Yeah, you guys are right, i'm being paranoid for no reason. I'll box it up today and try to send it before I think too much about it. — WorpeX
  • Okay, shipped today, sorry for the bother! I needed that encouragement. — WorpeX


I'm from Toronto/Canada and I'm new here.

Question: Do you still have empty slots?

If so I'll check the fastest shipping to you.




Meet the Chevster!!


  • Glad you found us! There are a couple slots left, but if rush shipping is expensive, there are always more races. Love the logo! — redlinederby
  • Welcome aboard. Good to see another Canadian into the racing. This is a great site and great people. Always willing to help. I go by 41-14 Racing out of Alberta. Get some cars in and get in on the action. It’s a lot of fun. — 41-14

^^^ Love it!!!

Shipping 2day

  • I lost my cars & have no backups I'm out b4 competition began. — SavageSpeeder
  • The got lost in the mail? Or you lost them in your house? — redlinederby
  • my house ate them — SavageSpeeder

Team164 Bruno and Team164 Kyle have two ready to head to the House of Red. I swapped up my entry from the VW GTR id to the Ballistik (the BlueBallistik?????) because I decided I didn't want to risk scuffing a $50 paint job. Yeah, I'm a chicken. 

  • Maaaaaaaan, I put in some time on 2 of my 55/57 Chevy entries. Polished them out to chrome, hit em with a DIY Spectraflame job and they both turned out GREAT. After detailing and spraying clear, the 57 rejected it and looked like crap. The Gasser turned out amazing and I was genuinely thinking bout just tossing it on a shelf to look at but decided against it. In testing it took a hit after a pass and now has a large chip on one of the fenders. OUCH. I guess Ill just use more clear next time and hope its stronger. — Mattman213
  • Yep happened to me before. I have a gorgeous Zender Fact 4 with gold/white paint job that now has a giant chip on the hood from the 2012 Featherweight Challenge! It has a story though. My cars race and the paint job isn't always going to be perfect on a racer!! — WorpeX
  • Exactly. Pretty is nice, but fast is more important. Whenever im done racing some of these I will give them a makeover for sure but till then ill let the chips add up — Mattman213
  • Snap a great picture before you send the car out! You'll always have a good picture and you can look back it it fondly. The "before" picture for the car I mentioned is the one I use on my site for it, — WorpeX
  • I love the Pizza Planet truck, good luck! — Secondhand_Speed
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WorpeX 1/8/20

I don't feel so bad about my post anymore. I'm not the only one getting cold feet at the last second! Buncha rookies in here for sure!

...speaking of which. Tracking said my car arrived. I've been watching this like a hawk. Pick it up Brian! I need to know if shes okay!

  • No Guts No Glory...Lol. Good luck racers! — Go_Time

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