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Rookie Rally 2020

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redlinederby 1/9/20
Site manager

Several arrivals today at RLD are all the entries thus far. I'll do a last pickup on Saturday (maybe Monday too).

Team 164: Kyle's Pizza Planet, and Bruno's Ballistick

Worpex's Ferrari, and Sinister Grackle's Porsche

Mattman's Mustang and Big Poppy's Cougar

GR33K's Ford truck

North 271 Racing's Corvette

All of them look sharp and ready to race! Place your bets now. We'll see if any more arrive over the weekend and racing will get started next week. Don't forget this isn't a bracket tournament! We're doing round robin with points-per-win, so racing will probably take a week or two to get done.

  • Great to see so many wildly different builds! Look forward to seeing how it all pans out once the dust settles! — Mattman213
  • Wow! Some of those rides look FAST! Too bad I already know mine isn't haha well I'm hoping for at least not last place! Glad my car arrived safely! — WorpeX
  • Love that my car made the front page of RLD! — WorpeX
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Dadvball 1/10/20

Great looking bunch of entries for "Rookies"!  Looks like you guys have caught on pretty quickly. Best of luck to you all!

Im going with the Ford pick up. They can tend to be quick but with FTEs I'm thinking quickER. The longer wheelbase doesn't hurt either. 

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redlinederby 1/10/20
Site manager

I need to hunt me down that Porsche935...I missed them on the pegs (or they were sniped in the first place). Is that a mainline offering or one of the premium lines?

The Ford should do pretty well but I'll be interested to see how that Ballistick does. Also a long, wide wheelbase. Don't know if there are FTEs under those wheels but if so, that could be a dark horse of sorts.

  • Its a premium casting, hasn't ever made it into the mainline. It was in the Silhouettes series in 2019. — WorpeX
  • I love it too, need to snag one! F150s are always tough to beat. Love em. — Mattman213
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Team164Bruno 1/10/20

Those are some sweet looking entries. Probably should run the Pizza Planet truck through a sobriety check point before sending it out on track.

I'm kinda thinking that Ford pickup is where it's at as well. 

- Bruno

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LeagueofSpeed 1/10/20
Event coordinator

MattMan in the Mustang 

  • Ha thanks for the confidence. I'm hoping it goes rounds, it's a true early build, I built it while building the 510's making it one of my first ever customs. Itll be my first non nickle axle build to race as well. Fingers crossed. — Mattman213
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Mattman213 1/10/20

I can't make a pick, I'm loving them all honestly.  I want one of those Porsche bad.  F150 got the best of me in the RLDRL race so obviously im eyeballing that one, the ballistic could be just that, I'm a sucker for a hot Testarosa and the vette looks sharp.  Stock Cougar won my family Christmas bracket race and pizza planet has to make good time if he wants to deliver hot and fresh.  Any one of em could be a monster, only one way to find out!

I'm waiting patiently to see how it goes down.


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redlinederby 1/12/20
Site manager

Quick update that I failed to make it to the post office on Saturday, so I'll make the last pick-up on Monday. I'll get all the entries together for a family photo Monday night and get the round robin schedule figured out. With any luck, racing will start on Tuesday night. I'm hoping to do a few rounds per night until we're all done. Since we're not doing a bracket, things might move faster, but I'm not sure my video production pace can keep up, might bleed into next week - we'll see what happens. I'm excited to see everyone roll.

  • Take your time, itll all add up to a more fun reveal/watch for us rookies when it all comes out. Can't wait! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 1/13/20
Site manager

We ended up with 8 competitors in this first Rookie Rally, so we'll have 7 rounds of racing with 4 match-ups each round. Everyone will race each other once.

See the full match-up schedule

I'm also going to call an audible rule change since we didn't get a full field. Instead of the one-and-done racing that was posted, we'll do the usual 2-in-a-row-to-win for each match-up. It'll get us some more racing to watch and give these cars some more track time.

There's also a good chance for some ties, but we'll figure out how to settle those once we see the final results. We might have to get creative...but until then, we're locked and loaded. 

Racing will start this week. Good luck!

  • Can't wait! — Mattman213
  • Ties can easily be settled by Head to Head record. Unless its more than a 2 way tie... — WorpeX
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LeagueofSpeed 1/13/20
Event coordinator

Points tie..Race Off...standard win 2 in a row...until one is left standing 

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Dadvball 1/14/20

I like the format with everyone racing everybody once. This is going to be a fun and interesting race. 

  • I'll be interested to see how it goes. I like the idea of racing everyone, feels a bit more fair, but might be less exciting per round??? I dunno...I think it makes the racing a little easier to handle too. — redlinederby
  • I agree, this will be interesting and fun to get to face each car and see what happens. — Mattman213
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redlinederby 1/14/20
Site manager

The family photo before racing starts and rivalries are born. Good luck!

  • Great looking cars! — WorpeX
  • Good luck everyone! — Mattman213
  • Should be good stuff. The format is really interesting. That said apparently I need to get on the FTE train.. — Team164Bruno
  • NAH! IF you find 4 good ones then use em but I use whatever I can find that fits and doesnt have a wobbly wheel if at all possible. The Mustang I fielded doesnt have FTE wheels or axles, they are average everyday mainlines! — Mattman213
  • The way I see it, FTEs are a great crutch for rookies. They're a nice fast wheel which make a car faster without doing extra work which gives them a nice high floor. The extra work that the veteren modders do on wheels will make any wheel type have a very high ceiling though! As you can see though... mine has FTEs :D — WorpeX
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redlinederby 1/16/20
Site manager

Here we go...Rounds 1 & 2 are up. Some close match-ups...and some not-so-close match-ups. There were a few standouts in these few couple rounds. Who will be able to keep the luck rolling into the next rounds?

There is no music or sound in this video. I messed up when editing and every piece of software I used was giving me trouble so heck with it. I'll get back on the next one.

Overall, the cars are running well...except whoever ordered that pizza from Pizza Planet gonna be waiting a while. Sorry, Kyle. Meanwhile, Big Poppy and Sinister Grackle had a nice battle to kick of Round 2, while three of the cars cruised to win both match-ups.

Bracket and standings has been updated on Challonge

  • Team 164 Bruno, 2pts
  • Big Poppy, 2pts
  • Mattman213, 2pts
  • North 271 Racing, 1pt
  • GR33K, 1pt
  • Team 164 Kyle, 0pt
  • Worpex, 0pt
  • Sinister Grackle, 0pt

  • My car performs as advertised!! Thanks for the video Brian. Great racing! Mattman's car looks FAST! — WorpeX
  • I'm extremely happy considering the Mustang truly is one of my first builds! Some stiiiiff competition ahead tho, we will see how it goes! Fun stuff, good racing and some great looking builds for sure! — Mattman213
  • Wow, super close in my round. The BlueBallstik barely pulled it out on the top end in both races vs the Ford pickup. Did not expect that at all. — Team164Bruno
  • I watched our race two or three times @Team164Bruno. I think what did me in was bouncing side to side on the flat straight. I did not notice your BlueBallstick bouncing hardly at all. Do you think this is because the rear end of the Ford truck is lighter and causes it to fishtail? — Secondhand_Speed
  • Good race. Sure helps my morale — North271racing
  • @GR33K I noticed that as well. I don't have enough experience to be sure but if I base it on our experience with real cars, the low center of gravity of the Ballstik could help to minimize some of the movement & track deflection, assuming the "alignments" are good. All the weigh is centered on that car. — Team164Bruno
  • Im only a couple builds and races into my "career" (lol sounds funny) of diecast racing and all I can say is DONT let results discourage you, but rather, as in all racing use the results as a way to dial in your mods. Also know that sometimes a REALLY fast mod might not be suited to a particular track etc. The car I originally built for this race, the actual first car I ever built was and still is a complete DOG. It wouldnt outrun anything to save its life. I was super let down, I had followed all the steps and take aloooot of time to get it right and it was slow. Keep at it and you will get quicker and quicker and more importantly, HAVE FUN! I started having fun after that first DUD and its been going well since. — Mattman213

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