SRC's Supras vs. Skylines **FULL**

Friday, July 5th, 2024
Hosted by Scale Racing Channel
ScaleRacingChannel Friday, 4/26/2024

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This will be a 70g modified car race.
Cars due on July 1st.
Qualifying begins July 5th.
2 cars required per household. One must be a Supra, the other a Skyline. Nissan GT-R's count as Skylines. No Datsuns. Any year, any brand of car allowed: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, Mattel Fast & Furious, Tomica, Jada, etc.

Cutting off active entries at 32. There will be 2 standby spots available in case of fallout. 

If you cannot send 2 of the required cars, please do not enter.

If you cannot get the cars here on time, then do not enter.

Make em fast and make em look good! Good luck and thankyou!

Rules & restrictions

  • Modified entries only
  • 70g maximum weight
  • 3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Limit 1 entry, 2 cars total per household
  • Any axle, wheels must be black.
  • Any wheel mod allowed, as long as they are made of black plastic. 
  • No drippy liquid lubes.
  • No bearings
  • No body modifications allowed. Modify anything below the body lines as you wish.
  • No wheel well grinding for larger wheel clearance.
  • No window filling, but you can paint the stock windows.
  • Custom paint allowed.
  • Width to fit on orange HW seamless track.
  • No mods allowed that would protrude above the start pins.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host by end of day Monday,  7/1/2024. Racing is scheduled for Friday, 7/5/2024. 

Qualifying and racing will be uploaded to Scale Racing Channel on YT as soon as possible after the race has concluded.

How to enter

Send your entries to:
224 Airport Rd.
Waverly TN 37185

Entry fee is $15 and that covers both cars.
Return shipping fee is $5. So a total of $20 if you want your cars returned.
$15 if you do NOT want your cars returned.
Entries fees need to be made with either cash or Paypal. Cash is preferred, but if you are outside the USA, then Paypal is fine. If you are shipping from outside the USA, I will contact you with return shipping prices.

Please make sure your Racing Team name is identified in the comment section.

Include at least $5.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. Entries not getting returned will be given to the winner as part of the prize.

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


Racing will be on the Scale Racing Channel. View track profile and specs

Race format and scoring

2 solo qualifying runs, 1 in each lane, fastest pass will determine bracket seeding.Slow pass times will be used as the breaker of fast pass ties.

Supras will occupy the left hand side of the bracket, Skylines on the right. Final race will be as advertised. If you cannot send one of each, do not enter.

After qualifying, this will be a heads up, single-elimination tournament. A car will move on in the bracket after posting the fastest single pass time after 2 runs, alternating lanes.

For the final race winner will be determined by the first car to win 3 races alternating lanes in each successive race.

Race host has final decision in all races.


Cars are given a grace of 1g over the stated weight limit to account for variance in scales.

If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not qualify for victory. Offending cars will still race, but their seeded qualifying position will be forfeited. Offending cars will race in the first round, but will not advance past round 1.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken will attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins. Cars that break during racing will not be repaired or replaced.


Prize pack for the Top Qualifier.

Prize pack for winner of the Concourse de elegance. 

Trophy for the winner and bragging rights. Plus any cars that are not to be returned.


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