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The Redline Rumble

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Team164Bruno 2/13/20

I'll take that last spot with cars please - Buno

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redlinederby 2/14/20
Site manager

Well, somewhat to my surprise, the Redline Rumble field has been filled! We have 30 cars earmarked to enter the cage next month. Hopefully this will be a fun little experiment that we can add to our bag of tricks.

Look for a show in early March to find out what entry number you draw for the rumble. Start your build planning and hope for a late number draw. And remember, no FTEs on this one!

  • I got one entry already to be modded just for this event but I need to find a tag-team partner for it, probably out of Luke's collection so he can have fun watching! If Worpex sends his Ipace then Ill have to toss that and build a Pink Stocker to try and get vengeance. Either way this should be a fun and rather unique race format. — Mattman213
  • I'll be running a Lucky Charms Stingray vette which is ready and a mod Hot Bird which is not ready. I've bought some tools and accessories to help with my builds. Next purchase will be the jig available on here — Mayfield41
  • It's a fantastic tool to have without a doubt! Good luck! — Mattman213
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Mayfield41 2/23/20

Ready for the Rumble, I would take the #1 draw if guaranteed #30 draw.

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LeagueofSpeed 2/25/20
Event coordinator

Do keep in mind that upon inspection a polished mainline axel will shine like a NPA.

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Dadvball 3/2/20

Mailed mine this morning. Supposed to be there Thursday. 

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LeagueofSpeed 3/9/20
Event coordinator

The Hot Bird from China was a "no go" due to NPA....gotta love the China castings from the 90's.

  • Save em for another Mod and toss some minty polished non Nickels in!!! I had to dig deep to avoid all the GHO, China, FTE, CC axles and eventually found a random car that fit the bill perfect. 3 actually, 2 for one build and another for the 2nd. — Mattman213
  •'s been set several candidates lined up...been Farming — LeagueofSpeed
  • This race really left me scrambling for ideas. One ride jumped out at me as it has a wrestling theme so I figured, why not. I needed a another at that point and decided to finally do a "restoration" build Ive been wanting to do forever. Will either be quick? Likely not but we shall see! — Mattman213
  • ummm.. what does "NPA" mean? — Team164Bruno
  • NPA-nickel platted axels — LeagueofSpeed
  • aka FTE but I kinda like NPA as a better label now. — redlinederby
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Mayfield41 3/9/20

Quick question before I ship, are these considered nickel plated axles? I only thought the standard FTE wheels had the plated axles. Little did I know. 

  • Any axle from a Gold Medal Speed, Color Changer/Shifter, FTE, Race Aces, High Speed Wheels and many China based late 90's cars are Nickel plated. If you have a Malaysia based car then your golden. China bases are hit or miss, Ive found a whole mess of them with Nickel axles and recently, just about all of then I buy are NON Nickel which is a kicker. Your likely good! — Mattman213
  • And for the record, you CANNOT tell by the axle head. I dont care who says you can, Ive looked very very closely back to back between numerous known Nickel and non Nickel axles. Best way i tell is to flip the car over, pull one wheel out as far as you can and look down at the exposed axle. Polished and shiny looking and you got Nickel. Dull and grey/brown and you have a normal axle. — Mattman213
  • YES!!! Malaysia base, thanks for the info. I'm still learning stuff and now on hold waiting for my jig I ordered. . — Mayfield41
  • Now...I can tell from the pic there not NPA...easier when the spokes are chrome finish on the cars. — LeagueofSpeed
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WorpeX 3/9/20

Both my cars are packed up and ready to go! I forgot to take a picture of them but I think everyone knows what they look like so no biggie.

My 2 cars: Green Shadow Jet (Mod) and Jaguar I-Pace (Stock)

Decided to give the Shadow Jet another go (this is the same car from triplemania weekend). I did rebuild since. Polished the axels, added 5g of weight, sanded the wheels a bit better and a puff of some more graphite.

The Jaguar got some very minor wheel sanding and Graphite.

The only track I have set-up now is the philly farewell track which is absolutely worthless for testing drag speed but hey I did it anyway. The Jag beat the pants off of the Jet. Were it to have qualified for the Philly Farewell, it woulda also wooped the field at a whoping 58cm distance. So, take that for what its worth. Speed on my tracks never seem to translate well to mail-in events!

Hoping I can get them into the mail tomorrow!

  • I think you could hurt some feelings with the I Pace if it can find some speed out at the Rumble, especially with a little work done. Only one way to find out tho! Good luck! — Mattman213
  • hoping it does okay. its still a stock and underweight for this event so I expect a mod to beat it. Should be a fun race! — WorpeX
  • If it doesnt keep up, get it back, toss some weight and a polish at it and let her eat!!! — Mattman213
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Team164Bruno 3/10/20

Well heck, this site is great for learning. Didn't know the info about cars made in China and nickel axles. Checked on a pair of twins that my wife ran in the 3D. business challenge. One is Malaysian and the other China made. Can't tell in the photo but the axles definitely have a different shine and the bases seem to have a little different finish as well. Now I've got a whole nuther thing to look for. 

  • Whats really funny is just how EVERYWHERE these China castings are and you never noticed before. Im finding them in my kid's toybox even and those have been thoroughly vetted...or so I thought LOL — Mattman213

I lost my car honestly it's nowhere.

  • You do that a lot — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yeah, man...might be time to rethink your organization at home, LOL — redlinederby
  • its not necesarily me... my dad doesnt realize i was going to send them so he puts it away then doesnt remember where he put them when i ask him to send them... uuuggghhh — HotWheelsRacing
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LeagueofSpeed 3/10/20
Event coordinator

When you're trying to remember if you have any non NPA builds already built as you drift off to sleep last night that could possibly compete...

...The Boneyard Brothers are heading to the Rumble.

...2018 Boneyard Classic Champion-Trim 2 Fast and the 2019 Boneyard Classic Runner-Up-Way 2 Evil.

....Oh Yeahhhhhh

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redlinederby 3/10/20
Site manager

Soo...the Rumble entry draft video will get posted soon, however, since the time that was recorded yesterday, I've gotten word that McJiggles won't make the race, and it sounds like HotWheelRacing's is MIA. Thus, a few slots have opened...I'm gonna call it 3 slots (Jiggles had 2, HWR had 1).

If there's anyone that wanted to enter the Rumble but came late, this is your chance to get in. There are 3 openings. Reply to this with your intent and car count.

However, since the entry drawing has already happened, if you fill those slots, you'll take their entry numbers as well (I'm not going to redo the draft).

If no one takes those empty slots, and if others just forgot, any empty slots on race day will just get ignored and everyone will get bumped up a number. I'm guessing we won't get a full 30-car field so we'll race what we get and have fun like always.

  • I'll take one of those spots. I can ship the car tomorrow. Probably gonna send the 68 Dodge Dart — RustBeltRacing

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