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The Redline Rumble

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Team164Bruno 2/13/20

I'll take that last spot with cars please - Buno

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redlinederby 2/14/20
Site manager

Well, somewhat to my surprise, the Redline Rumble field has been filled! We have 30 cars earmarked to enter the cage next month. Hopefully this will be a fun little experiment that we can add to our bag of tricks.

Look for a show in early March to find out what entry number you draw for the rumble. Start your build planning and hope for a late number draw. And remember, no FTEs on this one!

  • I got one entry already to be modded just for this event but I need to find a tag-team partner for it, probably out of Luke's collection so he can have fun watching! If Worpex sends his Ipace then Ill have to toss that and build a Pink Stocker to try and get vengeance. Either way this should be a fun and rather unique race format. — Mattman213
  • I'll be running a Lucky Charms Stingray vette which is ready and a mod Hot Bird which is not ready. I've bought some tools and accessories to help with my builds. Next purchase will be the jig available on here — Mayfield41
  • It's a fantastic tool to have without a doubt! Good luck! — Mattman213

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