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The Redline Rumble

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redlinederby 3/10/20
Site manager

I'm gonna try something on YouTube tonight for the Redline Rumble. I pre-recorded the entry draft and posted it but set it to "premiere" at 10PM tonight. It's a feature YouTube offers where it will start the video at 10PM and have an open chat so people can watch & chat. I've never tried it so figured, why not?

Watch here (but probably be easier to watch on YouTube's site)

I'll try to be in the chat a little before 10PM and then we all can watch the video and you can find out when you get to enter the race.

This premiere/chat thing might fail miserably or could be kinda neat. I'm still new to all of YouTube's features so figured this can be a little experiment. 

But the video will be available after tonight and I'll post the order here as well.

  • I'll try to be there at 10 if I remember — WorpeX
  • Depending on when Luke crashes for the night Ill try to watch as close to "premier" time as possible! — Mattman213
  • Gotta love kid-dependent play time! LOL, but the video isn't that exciting, more so a chance to live chat, I feel. We'll see what happens — redlinederby
  • Itll be 9 our time which is when I try to slow him down a bit for bed so he will likely pile on the couch with me and watch. It wont be as fun to him as the actual race but he will still dig it Im sure! — Mattman213
  • It’s only a 10 minute video. Dunno how long that chat stays around. I’m interested to see how this all works. If it works well I might try it for actual racing videos too. — redlinederby
  • 1st...seriously first... but #26 too.. not terrible for the end — Mayfield41
  • If history has anything to say about it, 164 Kyle isn't much of a threat (sorry Kyle). — redlinederby
  • Yep we missed it live but got some mid to end of the pack draws so not bad. Not sure my entries are gonna be worth much but itll be fun regardless! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 3/10/20
Site manager

Thanks to the guys that watched entry draft video live on YouTube. It worked well and the little hang out chat was pretty neat. I'll definitely try to do this again for some actual race videos.

Entry order

Mayfield41 and Team164 Kyle will kick off the Rumble with the winner going on to face Worpex. From there, whoever wins stays and the loser goes.

1 Mayfield41
2 Team164 Kyle
3 Worpex
4 CustomLEDBikes
5 League of Speed
6 Redline Derby
7 McJiggles
8 Team164 Bruno
9 League of Speed
10 NDeavers
11 Voxxer Racing
12 Penny Racer
13 GR33K
14 Mattman213
15 Team164 Bruno
16 Redline Derby
17 Voxxer Racing
18 GR33K
19 Worpex
20 Team164 Kyle
21 Rivera Racing
22 Dadvball
23 Dadvball
24 McJiggles
25 Mattman213
26 Mayfield41
27 Rivera Racing
28 HotWheelsRacing
29 customLEDbikes
30 NDeavers

It sounds like McJiggles and HotWheelsRacing won't be having cars in the race so their slots might be filled by someone else. But if not, everyone will just move up...and same if more don't make the trip to Ohio by Monday.

Which car goes when?

If you entered 2 cars, you have 2 entries into the race. You get to choose which of your cars goes first. Just mark down which car you want entered first on your entry ticket. If you already sent in your cars, just post here with which car you want first and second. If you don't really care, that's fine too...I'll just pick one at random to be your first. 

  • Put my jag first. Hoping for a long win streak! Actually, just seeing any of my cars winning would be nice.. — WorpeX
  • I just hope I get a win being first draw. Some big hitters early and I havent shown any speed yet. — Mayfield41
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Mayfield41 3/11/20

Shipped today, said by friday the 13th. Hope they are right

"Old Gold" is shipping tomorrow for the fill in spot!

My first draft entry, in the #4 spot, will be my festive mod, the “Clover Caddy.” Hopefully I have some Irish luck with this one. 

For my second entry, in the #29 spot, I’ll put in the “Dark Horse!”

btw, the live feed was fun to chat too. We started doing that on Red Pills page too, it’s nice to interact a bit.

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redlinederby 3/13/20
Site manager

The Redline Rumble is getting pushed back a week to 3/22. Deadline pushed back also so there's more time but there are only 3 car slots available. Please leave a comment if you want to claim 1 of those.

  • Works for me — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yeah man I'll take another. I was working on a new car anyways. I'll ship Monday. My first car should be arriving at your PO tomorrow. — RustBeltRacing
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Mattman213 3/15/20

Ok FINALLY my Rumble mods are complete!

The Triple H van is decently quick and the Torino is a complete beater but I dig it!!!


  • The Game! The King of Kings! I don't have any WWE cars, shame on me. — redlinederby
  • The weekend after you announced the race I saw that bad boy at a show and couldn't not get it. Its middle of the pack speed wise but it was too good not to send anyways. — Mattman213
  • Love that Torino! — WorpeX
  • Thanks! I snag these old things every chance I can in the hopes of resto-modding them when I can. I finally decided to make it happen after tossing together a beater Mt Dew stocker for Luke (making him a Chick Hicks eventually) and LOVING the way it turned out. I dug into the scrap pile of Nascars and did this one and the Mirada Im sending to Red Pill's. Ive got a couple more in the hopper once I find suitable wheels and axles. Gonna have a fleet of Stockers that look more appropriate! — Mattman213
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NDeavers80 3/15/20

You can choose which of my cars goes where. 

Entry #2 is ready to rumble! Shipping out tomorrow.

  • Nice!! Did you repaint that or did it come like that? I love the rusted look! — WorpeX
  • Thanks! That's all custom paint and decals. — RustBeltRacing
  • Well I hope your custom cars do better than mine do! I usually spend more time making mine look pretty and then speed becomes an afterthought. — WorpeX
  • I don't wanna jinx it but this guy was pretty fast on my track. But I'm just happy to be competing honestly. Mostly I just love working on the cars! — RustBeltRacing
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Team164Bruno 3/19/20

 Finally managed to nake a little headway on a few HotWheel related projects. Hoping to get this pair of GM grocery getters finished up for the Rumble. 

  • Heck yeah they will be in good company with my Torino Stocker! Lookin forward to how these turn out. — Mattman213
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redlinederby 3/19/20
Site manager

I'm pushing the Redline Rumble back another week...with all the nuttiness I'm not prepared and not that many entries made it in yet, understandably. So you have an extra week to get things shipped. 

Sorry for the push back. Just gonna make things easier.

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redlinederby 3/20/20
Site manager

This race has been postponed until further notice. A flooded basement has ground everything to a halt. I'll hang on to the cars and we'll race once everything dries out.

  • That sucks with the flooding, hope everything is ok at home. Looking forward to seeing this race once things get fixed at home for ya, — customLEDbikes

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