Top Sportsman Race (Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club)

johnnyl Tuesday, 6/12/2012

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We want to start a new series called a Johnny Lightning Top Sportsman Class! This will have to be a JL body that has to weight between 40 and 45 grams also you can ad Hot Wheels tires and axles if you wish. I am looking to start this series in the fall like September. Also I was thinking two cars per team just like the gasser wars series! Let me know if you are in!


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WorpeX 6/12/12

Hmm... Cool idea! I like it. I have some half destroyed Johnny Lightning cars lying around which I might be able to salvage and turn into racers.

I'm in!

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model40fan 6/12/12

count me in for a pair... if you can't find any johnnies, i think jeremy has a store...

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model40fan 6/12/12

is the LJLRC SPORTSMAN class going to allow any hot wheels wheels ? FTE ?

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JDC442 6/12/12

I already have a couple cars in mind. Two Johnnys with FTEs coming up!

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johnnyl 6/12/12

Sorry guys! Yes you can use FTE wheels in this class any wheels in that fact.

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EconoCarl 6/12/12

Glad to see more racin'!
Looking for JL cars now. The pegs in my area are lacking!

Gotta' question or two for ya'.
You say "will have to be a JL body".
We only have to use the body of a JL car? Any JL car?

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model40fan 6/12/12

That's how i read it...

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Koinhedz 6/13/12

I think the Sportsmans Class would be great, however, from what I have found many of the '90's cars would not be allowed. The problem is weight.

I would suggest to have two class and race each one everyother race. One being up and to 1.oz and two 1.01oz. to 2.0 oz.



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model40fan 6/13/12

welcome aboard,
I.M.O.....if your read these comments you'll see that we are racing modded cars...if your stocker can't make weight... MAKE the car lighter.... burrbit, hacksaw, drill holes in the base etc... just like you would to make your car lighter with real drag racing...
that is what is cool about our racers...

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WorpeX 6/15/12

Found two pretty cool JL's in my stash which are pretty close to being destroyed. I hope to mod these guys up into racing condition but... I have an issue...

How do I take apart a Johnny Lightning?

Edit: WOAH, just weighed one of these suckers. No way that i'm going to get these guys to shed 10g for this. Tough weight class. :/


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