What materials can you use for weights?

Timber_Wolf Sunday, 3/7/2021

So I'm new to modding for actual races. I've done custom paint jobs before (turned a '67 Dodge Nova into a Bluesmobile for one) but what kind of things should I use to add weight to the car for speed? I saw a video on the mechanics of the subject but it didn't say anything about materials.

Any help would be appreciated.


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redlinederby 3/7/21
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I've always subscribed to the theory that anything and everything is extra weight! When I started modding, I would often just glue pennies together and squeeze them in. 

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I've used Pinewood Derby weights before and currently have a ton of wheels weights (used on real cars) that I can pile in a car. Tungsten is the heaviest extra weight but it can be a little most costly. Some guys have used bb's too...just whatever you can find and think will work for your build.

I've found clay/putty to be useful too. Not overly heavy but good to squeeze into nooks and crannies to balance out the weight.

....and welcome to Redline Derby! Hope you find some fun stuff here. Check out the Archive for all the various subjects on diecast racing. There's 10+ years worth of knowledge you can look through on your way to becoming a pro.

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CrazyEights 3/7/21

I started out using lead fishing weights but now I use 1/4 oz wheel weights. They are very easy to shape with a belt sander. Caution they get very very hot sanding or grinding on them. They are less toxic than lead too. Always a plus.

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SpyDude 3/7/21

If I have the room, I use pennies. Otherwise, I have used whatever will fit in the space I have: steel nuts, washers, bolts, BB's, and small pinewood derby tungsten weights.  I don't really want to use lead, even though it is readily available, considering that all this time was spent getting lead out of paint and children's toys and here we are trying to put it back in.  In general, if it fits inside the chassis when I close it up, I use it.

Welcome to the world of diecast racing.  Strap in and hold on: you're in for a hell of a ride.

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Xavante 6/15/21

B.B.'s as they are great for getting displacement Just as you want it.

Welcome to the madness!

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RAGTAG_JIM 6/16/21

i use just about anyything that fits in the car...  but use alot of fishing weights and wheel weights that i bought at habor frieght.... just got some copper pellets that im gonna melt down and put into a mold into sand for the shape id want

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die_castinn 6/18/21

Imagine a casting of a car made of silver?  Talk about heavy.  Chassis and all!

  • And expensive !!!!! Lol — RAGTAG_JIM
  • There IS an actual Rolls Royce owned by Saudi Arabian oil tycoon that really is made of .928 sterling silver. No kidding. — SpyDude
  • Hahaha I don't dought that one bit — RAGTAG_JIM

I use steel wheel weights and pewter from old figures. 

Flex weights, cuts easy, no lead.

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