What finish lines work with Blutrack?

Nightstalker Monday, 5/13/2019

Just bought a 15ft starter track on EBay for $20.00. What finish line will work with this track?


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WorpeX 5/13/19

3DBotMaker is the best but i'm afraid he hasn't had finish lines in stock for quite awhile. :(

3D Botmaker is compatible with HW Orange track...not sure if it's compatible with BluTrack.

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redlinederby 5/13/19
Site manager

Check out the list of finish lines and starting gates thread. The Judge supports Blutrack but is on the expensive side. Some DIY kits are also out there.

  • I have The Judge, Duh, when track arrives will have ti try it out. Custom made to 6" width for the Jersey Dragway. — Nightstalker
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