Silverback Racing Dragway

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About this track

Silverback Racing Dragway was created in November of the year 2020. The inspiration for the track is to strictly race real rider cars. Rubber tire cars rule the road here. The track is made of coroplast. The starting gate is a stock Hot Wheels launcher that I customized to offer the most consistent and smooth launch of both cars at the same time. The finish line is from a glow in the dark Maxx Traxx set.  I went with Cororoplast because it is one of the most unforgiving road surfaces available. The open lane style track gives the most exciting races that I have seen with real rider cars. Cars can fall off of our cliff to the left and be DNF or smash into or Jersey barrier walls to the right. Cars without the proper tires will slip and slide. Beware of our pillars at the end of the course call our Montentum Stoppers 2000. They can be the difference between winning and losing once cars are funneled to the finish. Don't lose focus. We have a hill at the back end of the track lose control and you may take a swim in the pond. Cross the finish line and proof that you have what it takes to make it on our top ten list. Lastly, the main thing is to have fun.

P.S. Don't forget to visit the Silverback Racing Garage and say hello to the statue of our beloved mascot Gorra.