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2016 Pro Series, June: Truck-O-Rama III

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Eastbound357 5/19/16

  • Work in progress — Eastbound357
  • Might want to check the finish line height on this 4x4. — CrzyTrkrDude
  • Just checked its at 1 3/8 high thanks for the heads up — Eastbound357
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72_Chevy_C10 5/19/16
Event coordinator

Hey Brian,

In your 'PM the host' link above, you still have it going to Chopper, rather than to GTAman. You might want to change that so people don't PM the wrong guy

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72_Chevy_C10 5/26/16
Event coordinator

I know this looks really simple, but this is probably one of my favorite builds I've ever done...

This is a Jada casting...they are kinda wide and definitely heavy...

That's without any weight or wonder I've never used one before. But, it is well suited to this race. It is boxed up and will go out tomorrow.

The '72 Chevy Cheyenne was a pretty awesome truck in real life. They were the  'loaded' models...bucket seats, A/C, power windows, nice interior, often big blocks...and the Ochre paint is one of my favorites...a nice, full size version of this truck would be tough to pass up!

  • That really looks nice. In real life folks that collect Chev truck want one of these. — aircooled
  • great stance on this build — Traction-Event
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72_Chevy_C10 5/31/16
Event coordinator

Voxxer Racing's entry...

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Eastbound357 5/31/16

Painting tonight mailing tomorrow 

Unfortunately I'm out of this one.  Was paying attention to weight and width (wanted to fill out the blu-track) that I forgot about length.  I'm at a impressive 3.75" including the nose added to replace the missing front bumper of the source vehicle.  I can't bring myself to rip it off so I'm dq'ed.  The distinctive facial appearance of the spare engine inspired the build.

Anyway, here she is.

Is the length limit removed, I just checked mine before I headed off to the post office(I never really thought to check it) I'm at 3.5" I'll try to throw another truck together tonight if I can.

  • I think I can hack off the front brush guard to make it 3.25", I don't think I'll be off roading anyway. — Eastbound357
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redlinederby 6/2/16
Site manager

The length restriction has been changed to be 4" to allow for longer bases. So if you have something ready to run that's over the old 3.5" you can send it in.

The length restriction is primarily there to account the size limit of the starting gate, but gtaman says the track can support 4", so 4" it shall be. It's something we should have checked earlier.

I know it's only a week before deadline so I apologize. Hopefully no one made tough decisions based on the 3.5" max noted. In the end, we're all racing and that's what matters. If you care to complain, please do so by PM to me, no need to junk up the thread.

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aircooled 6/2/16

The length does matter.  The longer the chassis/body the higher the back of the car is up the hill.  That translates to more power generated coming down the hill.  This by itself will give a car an advantage with everything else being equal.  Length, width, weight, and understanding the rules is key to building a car.

  • "Understanding the rules" says it all! This kind of stuff happened years ago as well. — EconoCarl

First.    The length was 3.25 "   Then somehow it went over night to 3.5 " to 4".   I have been DQ for being over less then 1/8 inch.


 Once the rules are posted, I understand typos, but after two months on web site PLUS after many cars have already been mailed.

Very unfair advantage.

I would suggest everyone,  as I have begun doing, is to print out the rules once posted.


Voxxer Racing.  

  • Being DQed for 1/8" is dumb. Not a big deal. — redlinederby

I agree that, especially the way I built mine, it has an unfair advantage.  I'd feel bad taking points away from anyone especially those competing in the extended ProSeries.  Even running w/o scoring points screws up the bracket.  Hence I did claim to be disqualified.

That said, I would loved to see it race, especially as I can't run it on my own track.  Also as a past host I'd prefer to have as many entries as possible.  So I'm sending it in.

Run me starting in the loser's bracket?  Run me against any of the locals willing to race me?  I'd just like to see my car run down a track in a many as possible ;)  If you're willing.

  • I will run it in our open races and get it back to you if we dq — gtaman
  • Thanks! — MoHasAFastCar
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gtaman 6/2/16

So sorry guys, I didnt think it would be a big deal to up the length given it was a truck/ wagon race, and our track could handle it.  

The rules were copied from the GT race and tweaked.  Those rules were meant to be for cars.

I will go with whatever you guys decide, however if we disqualify some I would be more than glad to race them in our open races we hold every month and film it, then get it back to you.

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