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Saturday, June 13th, 2015
Diecast64 Friday, 4/24/2015

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Hot Wheels Racing League Championship Series 2015

The Hot Wheels Racing League Championship Series is a series that will test the racers ability to assemble a team of cars that will be successful on a variety of courses under a variety of conditions. Some races only allow stock cars so it will test a racers ability to collect and pick the right car for the situation. Some races will allow custom cars, but all races will allow stock cars so a racer’s modifying abilities will be put to the test to create cars that can go faster than the stock cars.


 Rules & Restrictions

  • Each racer can have a team of up to 6 cars. They do not all have to be entered at once. Cars can be added to the team throughout the season until the max of 6 is reached. Teams do not need to have 6 cars, however it is advisable that a team have at least 4 cars so they will be able to compete in the team race.
  • Cars can be any brand 1/64 scale cars.
  • Any wheels are allowed.
  • Max length 4 inches.
  • Max height 2.5 inches.
  • Max weight 85 grams.
  • Width - should fit on Hot Wheels orange track.
  • Unless otherwise noted, a team may enter 2 cars in each race. Only the top finishing car will score points for the team. However, it may still be to a team’s advantage to race 2 cars because while the teams 2nd place car won’t score points for the team, it could cause another team to not score as many points. ie if a team has a 1st place car and a 2nd place car, they will only score 10 points for their team, but nobody will get 9 points, the 3rd place finisher will get 8 points.
  • One race will be a team event where each racer will race 4 cars from their team. The place of each car will be added together and the team with the lowest total will win the event. If a team does not have 4 cars they will not be able to race in this event.
  • It is anticipated that it will be a 5 race season starting in June with a race approximately each month through October.



Where to send your cars

Each participant will be responsible for return shipping costs. Mail-in cars should be sent with return postage, however postage arrangements can be made at the end of the season as well if cars are not all sent at once.   If return postage is not arranged, cars will not be returned. Cars will be kept for the entire racing season to reduce shipping costs from sending cars back and forth.

Mail-in cars should also be accompanied with an entry form.  They should be sent to:

  • Robby Comeford
  • P.O. Box 156
  • Washington, Utah
  • 84780

Entry deadline: Cars racing in the June race should be received by June 6th.

Scoring and Winning

Points will be awarded for each race and accumulated throughout the season.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 10 points for 1st place
  • 9 points for 2nd place
  • 8 points for 3rd place
  • 7 points for 4th place
  • 6 points for 5th place
  • 5 points for 6th place
  • 4 points for 7th place
  • 3 points for 8 place
  • 2 points for 9 place
  • 1 point for 10th place on down

If there is ever a tie, the total points will be split between the cars. For example, if two cars tied for 5 and 6th place they would each get 5.5 points (6 points for 5th place + 5 points for 6th place = 11 points divided by 2 = 5.5 points)

Tracks & Dates

It’s anticipated races will be held on the following tracks: (for more on the tracks see http://www.racehotwheels.com/2015/03/hot-wheels-racing-league-championship_28.html)

  • King of the Hill track (2 lane 14.5 ft drag track)
  • Color Country Speedway (4 lane 30 ft drag track)
  • Thunder Road (Open course track made with sizzler fat track)
  • Hazzard County Drag ‘n’ Fly Derby (Drag track to 22 inch gap jump to a race to the finish)
  • Baja Track (Jumps, Bumps, and multiple surfaces)

Anticipated Schedule (Specific dates will be designated as the season progresses)

  • June 13th: King of the Hill Track - Rules: 2 stocks allowed, but may have up to two customs.
  • July 11th: Color Country Speedway - Rules: 4 car team - 4 stocks allowed, but at least 2 stocks and up to 2 customs.
  • August 29th: Thunder Road - Rules: 2 stocks allowed, but may have up to 2 customs
  • September 26th: Hazzard County Drag ‘n’ Fly Derby - Rules: Only stock cars, 2 allowed.
  • October 10th: Baja Track - Rules: 2 stock cars allowed, but may have up to 2 customs.


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Diecast64 4/24/15

I've been working hard on building the local racing scene here and have enough interest here locally that this is going to happen. Thought I'd let all my RLD friends know about it in case anyone was interested and wanted to send some cars.

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KandORacing 4/24/15

I love the idea of this! I would definitely be interesting in participating. I would send some of my best stockers, as well as build some mods for it. 

Since this is a points championship, maybe we could all pitch in some money for a big championship trophy for the series points champion? 

Very cool CCrider! production values are up, and the teaser video looks great!. Looks like I have a team to build.

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model40fan 4/24/15

that drag racing "slow - mo" is great and just what I want to do... but I am not even on that page... I can't even run my Samsung vid camera... good with a hacksaw though.

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Diecast64 4/24/15

@KandO - I was thinking either trophies or maybe t-shirts along with some other odds and ends as prizes but hadn't decided for sure.  Was going to see what my "budget" could do, so if anyone wanted to donate toward the prize cause, that would be great, but definitely not required.  :)

@Model40fan - Glad you're liking the slow-mo stuff.  I feel like you can enjoy the races more.  I've been shooting the video with my Go-Pro as with the wide angle lens it's easier to keep the cars in the picture and it also has a slow mo setting (ie. different frame rate) so the video looks a little better when you put it in slow mo.  I've just been using Window Movie Maker to edit the race video 'cause it's easy and convenient.  Not as many options as other video editing software, but it does have an option to slow down video.

  • i have windows live movie maker, is that it ? — model40fan
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72_Chevy_C10 4/24/15
Event coordinator

Great video, Robby! It's cool that you are getting positive response locally! Thanks for opening up your event to RLD as well!

If I am reading right, the stock cars can be opened stock cars of any make, right? And, a racer can have up to two modded cars, right? I just wanted to make sure I had it right!

Most of my fast stock cars end up as donor cars, so I'll have to see if I can come up with some stockers for this!

Thanks again, Robby!

  • Stock cars can be opened. You could actually have up to 4 modded cars. I'll post more clarification and some thoughts below. — Diecast64
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cliffordshaw 4/24/15

Count weber cabin and rally case racing in for this.  This is our kind of event!  Thanks for the invite and the wide open specs.  Should be great.

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KandORacing 4/24/15

That video is awesome! Some of those tracks look pretty intimidating, but we can handle them!

As the season rolls on, I will donate money towards the end for a nice big Championship trophy of some sort, you can decide how it will look. 

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Diecast64 4/25/15

Some thoughts/reflections on car rules and team composition. 

I made it so stock cars would be allowed in all races so that a lot of the new racers that aren't modding yet (particularly here locally) would feel like they could participate.

Stock cars can be opened but shouldn't have been modified in any way for speed.

The two races that require stock cars are the team race - which requires at least two stock cars to participate and then the other two may be stock cars or modded cars - and the Hazzard County Drag 'n' Fly.  I chose to require stock cars on the team race because I thought it would make it more interesting. I chose to require stock cars on the Drag 'n' Fly because the cars may take a beating...particularly if they don't make the gap (or they may not take a beating...many of the cars are smooth as butter over the gap).  I just didn't want the modded cars not to hold up and then be unusable for the rest of the season. 

You could theoretically have a whole team of stock cars, or as little as two stock cars.

If you raced the same two stock cars in both the team race and the Drag 'n' Fly race you could then have 4 modded cars on your team. 

I chose the weight limit so that all the heavyweight stock cars could be entered (Funny cars, JLs, etc.) but also so that modders might still have an advantage to encourage modding.

Part of the fun here is trying to decide what your team make-up should be, especially if you're modding.  Do I race the same two stock cars on the Team race and the Drag 'n' Fly?  If I add another stock car or two, will my modded cars work for both the drag races and the open road course?  What about the baja track??????  Oh this is going to be fun! I think the winner of the series will be the racer that puts the best team together, not necessarily the one with the flat out fastest cars.  To be honest I still don't know what my team composition is going to look like and I've been planning this since last year! :)

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FOTF 4/26/15

This sounds great!  Sign me up!  Picking a team should be fun--though I'll need to see some more videos of this Baja track (which you should definitely include) before I decide on something for that.

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FOTF 4/29/15

Do the open course/Baja tracks require cars with widths that fit into HW tracks?  I've got a possibly interesting idea for those, but maybe it's too wide.

  • Yes, start gates for both use HW orange track and there is a section of HW track before they open up. — Diecast64
  • Okay, then my idea won't work. Thanks! — FOTF
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Diecast64 5/16/15

Hope everyone is getting their teams sorted out.  Me and my boy were playing around on the Hazzard County Drag 'n' Fly track today. Need to do a little tweaking and add some cosmetic stuff, but we sure had fun!


  • that is wicked good video... some rotten spoiling going on... brother and i would have freeeeeked! — model40fan
  • Whoa....this is gonna be cool — Traction-Event
  • Love the painted starting gate. Funnel at the end is perfect too! — redlinederby
  • That is AWESOME! — HappyCamper

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