Redline Rundown #13

redlinederby Monday, 4/6/2020
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It's another week at home...but the weather is hopefully starting to get better where you are so while I hope you get some racing in, getting out and enjoying what you can, when you can, is certainly at the top of the list. Weeks are a little lighter with all the commotion but there's still stuff to talk about.


Redline Derby Racing on TV
While it wasn't much, it was something...Redline Derby on Global News in Canada. With no sports to talk about, a GN repoter reached out to me with questions about diecast racing. It was a quick interview that mostly talked about 3DBotMaker but hey, diecast racing on television in any capacity is rare, so lets be happy we got what we did.


Printing your own decals
How do you print decals for your car? Do you DIY or outsource it? It's not a topic that comes up often but one we're probably all thinking about. I tried some DIY water slide decals many years ago and they worked pretty well but were a pain to deal with...I guess so much so that I haven't really bothered since. I should probably give it another shot.

New tracks in directory
Even with all the drama, folks are still building tracks. The Rust Belt Raceway Park is the home of Rust Belt Racing and great looking track with room to grow. The GNR Racing 12-lane track is a massive beast which recently hosted a vintage race.

Share your recent finds
We're always looking for cars, right? When you find something cool or that you're just happy to get, snap a shot and share. Spread the joy...even if it means a little jealousy.


The Redline Derby Racing League is still marching on despite the hubbub. The April race is scheduled for the 25th at the Tecumseh Proving Grounds so there is still time to join if you're looking for some mail-in action.

Otherwise the mail-in scene is kind of quiet until June. Hopefully things will start to pick up at that point and we can cruise into the summer with racing to spare.

Last week in racing

We're trying something new this week. The mail-in races might be lighter but the online racing never stops and we're trying to bring you some results from around YouTube. With your help, we'll bring you racing updates from the previous week to get you caught up and prep you for the upcoming week in online racing.

Check out the first Last Week in Racing report

Big thanks to Kevblokey and madmax for being the first reporters in this effort. It's a great start but we need YOUR help to keep this feature rolling and informative. Read about how easy it is to submit your report. 


Rust Belt Raceway Park should be ready to announce its first Redline event within a month or so.

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Chaos_Canyon 4/16/20

Great that the sport made it on tv! Hopefully it attracts a lot more people to the sport, even just as viewers. Would be awesome to get an actual sport show dedicated to it.

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