Redline Rundown #19

redlinederby Monday, 5/18/2020
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The signs of summer are approaching...warmer weather, more rain, and more racing! The smell of (something close to) normal is in the air and hopefully that mean a return to some more mail-in events over the coming months. And hey, NASCAR is back! So lets keep racing, keep sharing, and keep having fun.


Cone shaped wheels
I'm not a hardcore modder by any stretch. Most of the time my mods end up slower than their stock counterparts, but maybe that's because I don't try things like making my wheels cones like Ralph_Technology97. Some great photos and a quick how-to for those of you wanting to try out some advanced techniques.


Dragon Racing start/finish
You may have seen the Dragon Racing system in some track photos around here but I never knew what brand it was. I thought it was some conversion of a slot car set or something, but Dragon Racing has its own 1/64 scale start-finish combo. It's not cheap but it's out-of-the-box ready.

That's a big track!
Check out the photo of this 50-foot aluminum track. Yet another reminder that not every track has to be orange track or fat track.

Using a slot car track to build open road course
The Sizzler and Crash Racers track has gotten a lot of attention in the open road course world but using existing slot car track can provide you with a great layout too. The question is how do you use it to make good curves and turn that make for fun racing? Lets discuss...

Member survey only takes a minute
The analytics and stats I get from Google tell me a lot about everyone that comes to this web site, but the majority of people are just one-off visitors. But YOU are the regulars that can teach me a thing or two. Take a quick minute and share your thoughts about your experience here at Redline Derby Racing.


The Chevys are finally getting in their last run on Tobacco Road in the RLD Nationals final. It's been a bit, so refresh yourself and see what happens in the final. Results and highlights coming this week.

Charger Summer 2020 is getting ever closer. Check out some of the builds and share photos of your secret weapon.

Time Attack Diecast racing is kicking off their King of the Strip this weekend. It's a 64-car elimination tournament that runs out through the end of May. Check it out.

Our friends over at Diecast 64 are prepping for their June mail-in race, the D64 Gaslands. It's a Mad Max-ish themed race so dig our your Franken-builds or throw together something new.

As always, be sure to check out the Redline Derby racing calendar for more upcoming races from RLD and other clubs.

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