Redline Rundown #22

redlinederby Monday, 6/8/2020
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Can you feel that? That's excitement...excite as we're about to kick off yet another great summer series. Charger Summer kicks off this weekend and starts a very busy June on the affiliated tracks of Redline Derby Racing. You made...way to go, but more racing is right around the corner.


No more track accessories from 3DBotMaker
If you have one of 3DBotMaker's excellent track accessories, consider yourself lucky, I guess. We got official word that 3DBotMaker is ceasing production of his finish lines, starting gates, and other track accessories. The trade-off...we get to enjoy what is easily the best diecast racing channel.


Using the Redline Derby Axle Alignment Jig
The League of Speed gives you some great tips on how to place your axles and wheels when modding your car...and along the way shows you some great tips on using the RLD axle alignment jig.

Telling stories with diecast racing
Flat Rabbit Racing is a new race club on the scene but they're adding something many other channels don't have: storytelling. You could say that every channel tells a story, and that's true in terms of reporting, but this channel promises to bring some fiction to the fun. Check out the trailer and share what you think.

Duke's Pass
We've been following the design and build of Stephen's modular track layout in Scotland for a few weeks now, and it seems like it's finally done(ish). He's calling it Duke's Pass. Check out the specs in the Track Directory.

The Channel Guide keeps on growing
The RLD Diecast Racing Channel Guide already has 40+ channels and there's always room for more. It's your one-stop-shop for watching diecast racing from around the world. Add your channel today.

Share your recent finds
'Tis the season for flea markets and yard sales. Share what you find this summer and make everyone else jealous.

The Weekly Diecast Racing Report
Get caught up on what's been happening in the world of diecast racing with the DSPN Replays of the Week from Chas Canyon.


It's the last week before Charger Summer hits the road. Time to check the oil and warm the tires. See all the entries and get ready for a summer-long battle of the best.

The Poppa Speed Invitational is about a month away and there's lots of chances for everyone to find some way to join in. You can race in all the divisions, or you can enter just one. It's pretty flexible and we're looking for the best.

As always, be sure to check out the Redline Derby racing calendar for more upcoming races from RLD and other clubs.


Love it...and away we go!!!

Sweet. Looking forward to Charger Summer   - my all time favourite car is the 68-70 Charger :)

  • It won't be Chargers...but RLD Nationals and the Summer Series will be kicking in 2021...hope to see you in the Field — LeagueofSpeed
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