Redline Rundown #4

redlinederby Sunday, 1/26/2020
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I’m still getting back in the saddle after a nasty sickness made its way through Redline Derby HQ last week, but there’s some good stuff lined up for this week. Lets get a quick review on what happened last week.


Downhill Diecast Drags practice
This past Saturday was the 2nd test-n-tune practice session for the Downhill Diecast Drags and Triplemania Weekend. The guys at Autobody Specialists opened their track  to the public for a couple of hours, letting anyone stop by and test their builds...or just run some cars for fun. I did a little of both.


Speed Shop Chronicles
Redline Derby Event Coordinator , League of Speed, started a video series called the Speed Shop Chronicles, showing off some great tips, tricks, and how-to’s in the constant quest for speed. We’re 2 episodes deep, so watch along and have fun.

Tools for bracket management
Managing your bracket can be tricky, especially with a lot of cars. And more, how do you archive your brackets? We recommend using the Challonge web service for creating, tracking, and sharing your brackets. It’s very versatile and rather easy to get started.

We need a database of track parts
Our friend RobertBcfc posed an interesting idea...a wiki for track parts. We have a great wiki for castings, why not track pieces? I don’t believe there is one but it’s a hell of an idea to try and start. It would definitely be a valuable resource when planning your track build.

Race track directory
And speaking of tracks...have you added your tracks to our Track Directory? You should. Upload some photos, provide a few specs, and your track can inspire folks around the world.


RLD Nationals, Stage 2
The Chevys are rolling in Georgia as the RLD Nationals continues on its march across the country. We’re deep into Stage 2 and there’s been some great match-ups. Watch the highlights and make your picks.

Supers Cars on Bootleg Run
The final countdown to the Super Cars has started. Get your entries finished up this week and ready to ship next week. They’ll go green in a couple weeks. Until then, check out many of the builds and see the competition.

RLD Racing League
The RLD Racing League will pickup again in a few weeks. Keep in mind you can join in this series whenever you want. You don’t have to have raced in January to join in February. It’s a build-your-best series so find a car and make it fast!

I’m still playing catch-up from being sick last week so my apologies for delays on things. The Rookie Rally cars will be heading home this week, as well as any recent alignment jig orders. Thanks everyone for your support...happy racing!


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LeagueofSpeed 1/26/20
Event coordinator

Glad you're on the mend...great piece on last week...great addition to RLD 

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