Tires with decals - what wheels?

Rainsford Sunday, 3/20/2022

So, when I watched 3DBotMaker's GT Tournament, I was blown away by the decals on the tires of all the cars for the tire brand. I started looking around to try and figure out what wheels he used, and couldn't come up with plastic wheels that fit the correct profile. I'd like to reproduce the look on some of my cars, but I'm not sure what wheels to use, since I want them to still work for racing as well (plenty of rubber tire wheels out there that can have the decals applied).

Do you guys think he just used polyurethane or something over rubber wheels to seal the decals and create a hard coating for racing on the track? Some of them were maybe stock Mini-GT models, I think.


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Chaos_Canyon 3/22/22

If you shop around looking at the castings you can find some plastic wheels that are wide enough to accept decals, you just have to get them printed in white (or reverse them out and print black surrounds on white decal paper but that's a bit more work on the application side of things. 

Or conversely, you can find various models that have tyre decals already and swap them over. Our Nascarnage tournament featured a number of cars that come with wheels like that as stock.

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Rainsford 3/30/22

Mystery solved by figuring out I should google some of the cars he used in the GT Tournament...*facepalm*

The fancy-pants wheels that come on the ID series cars looks like are mostly what he used. They have a rim that sticks out enough to look like a Real Rider at a distance but are all plastic, with a wide flat tire side wall. Wheel code ID5 or ID5SP?

The basic 5SP also seems to have a wide enough tire wall to be a good candidate for this type of thing, since it has already been used by Hot Wheels themselves for their Goodyear and BFGoodrich printed ones.

Also just noticed that 3/5ths of the Hot Wheels within reach of me at the moment have PR5s. Gonna be a lot of wheel swaps here soon on the race cars in my collection.

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