How many cars should you send for Triplemania Weekend?

redlinederby Monday, 1/6/2020
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Triplemania Weekend is a series of race events happening at the end of February in Ohio. There are 3 big races happening over 2 days of racing and if you plan well, you can enter several events with only a couple the question is, how many cars should you send in?

If you're only interested in modified class racing, you can send in 2 cars and you'll get entered in all 3 races. The restrictions for the modified class is the same for all 3 events because they're all happening on the same track.

However, you'll need to denote which cars are entering which race on your entry ticket.

So...lets say you make 2 modified cars, Car A and Car B.

Now you might notice that you could send in only 1 car and it would get entered into all the events as well, and that's true. But since the Downhill Diecast Drags tournament allows 2 entries per person, I'm assuming you want to hit that max entry limit.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from sending in 4 different cars; 2 for the Downhill, 1 for the Challenge, and 1 for the Battle. I mean, go crazy if you want. But if you're looking purely at the economics, sending in 2 cars is your best bet to get you racing across the board.

What about the stock class? If you're interesed in just the stock class options, then the math can get a little more complicated. The restrictions for stock class varies between the Downhill and the Challenge tournaments, which means you could send up to 3 cars to hit your max entry limit...but you could also send in 2 (or even 1) and get into both events.

And if you want to enter 1 car in the modified class, and 1 in the stock class, you can find a way and still enter all 3 events with sending in 2 cars. Just pay attention to each tournament's restrictions.

Even with all that...please, please read through the details for each Triplemania event. And no matter how many cars you choose to send in, please mark which cars you want entered into each race on your the entry ticket. It'll help us keep things straight and make sure we enter the cars you want in the races you want.



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LeagueofSpeed 1/6/20
Event coordinator

I'll be doing 2 Mods for all 3 8 total as the Legion marches on Ohio carrying the RLD flag.

  • LOS - are you making the trip in person? Love to meet as many Redline Derby racers as possible. — Team164Bruno
  • No...little bit of a haul from NC — LeagueofSpeed
  • You mean a weekend jaunt to Buckeye Country the middle of a gray Ohio winter for a diecast race isn't on your bucket list? — Team164Bruno
  • Haha...not this go round...the Lady of Speed has other Feb plans — LeagueofSpeed
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41-14 1/7/20

Thx Brian for clearing this up. I'll get two cars out soon to represent RLD and to race along with everyone else. 

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