Redline Rundown #11

redlinederby Monday, 3/16/2020
Site manager

What a difference a week makes! In just 7 short days the world around us has gone nuts. Please everyone, lets me safe, friendly, and sane while we all go through this episode in history.

And to that point, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's world has been thrown upsidedown. I have to admit that my RLD activity will probably be minimal this week as my house gets used to a new routine. I'm home, wife's home, kid's home for the next month at least, probably more...what could possibly go wrong!?

But thankfully our racing is mostly an at-home activity and one we can share with our family. Mail-ins will probably be few and far between over the next month or two, depending on how hard it gets to go to the post office...hopefully their hours won't change. Stay tuned to the site and Facebook for the latest updates regarding upcoming races and events. Things might change several times in short order. If you have a question or worry, just ask.

This is going to be a weird week and hopefully things will get back on track real soon. My apologies for the lack of coverage this week. 

The only thing that matters...

Don't lose your cool
We're all going through this virus chaos together. Just be smart and don't throw common courtesy out the window just yet. It's also important to share what's going well, and that includes racing!

As far as events...just check the web site and follow on Facebook. Nothing is canceled as of yet but that could change real quick. Please keep your own event threads updated with changes.



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Mattman213 3/16/20

Itll all be ok.  Settle in, wash your hands and build some cars.  Should be some big time turnouts next couple races with everyone having to stay home right?????


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